Let It Snow!

Go yell at me that it’s only October, I dare you!

You know, it seems that it’s now tradition in society that holiday preparations start the moment summer ends. I was casually browsing Sephora and saw everything by Too Faced was on sale. Without even thinking, I ordered the Let it Snow Girl! makeup set.

The following morning, I realized I didn’t need it to create holiday looks so I tried to cancel my order. But, Sephora processes orders so fast that it already shipped and I had a return label ready once it arrived.

Isn’t it cute? 😍

By the time it arrived, I had a change of heart again. It looked even cuter in person that I decided I’m going to keep it after all. It comes with two face palettes and one eyeshadow with their signature mascara. (the only thing I’m not keeping since that mascara didn’t work for me in the past) It also smells like sugar cookies.

Why did I stop buying from Too Faced? Better yet, why do I make sudden changes to my vanity that make me regret disposing of past items?

Either way, I wore this to work today and got compliments en route to the pharmacy from the people in the beauty boutique.

Just a little haul I’d like to share that I never thought I’d keep.


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