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Killection Incoming

Here we go again guys, it’s time for a new Lordi era!

It always comes by surprise and the last one I was occupied. This time I was on break when the news dropped. I wasn’t having the best day at work so some Lordi news is exactly what I needed.

Introducing the Killection era, I’m so excited no matter what happens this time. It’s also bittersweet because I often get really attached to Lordi’s previous looks which can make it hard to move on at first. But, the moment the new look arrives, it’s always something that gets me to forget about those feelings.

Not only is it a new era, but it’s also time for a new band member since OX has left us at the end of Sexorcism. His name is Hiisi, and is described as a reptilian troll from the Arctic. He reminds me of a Kantus from the Gears of War franchise and I’m looking forward to what he brings to bass. So far I like his skull face and fangs. I hope we get to see interviews with him.

Looks like Hella’s got a jacket now, and as far as I can tell her outfit looks similar but the fishnet stockings are sexy on her.

Mr. Lordi looks dazzling, literally, although I’m going to miss those spikes and eyeball necklace. Also are those Xenomorph heads on his knees? My Monsterman seems to enjoy wearing silver the most!

Amen has what looks like a fur coat on at first and he’s still got his ankh necklace which I like. I saw another photo of him where he had more bandages so I think I’ll cover that of my detailed review once more photos are revealed.

Mana once again going with the tied back look for his hair, which I never thought would grow on me over the years, but now it has. Also are those a string of bullets on the front of his outfit? They sure look like it! His shoes are pretty elegant too.

Ah, nothing like a little Lordi to cheer me up. So, let me just say welcome Hiisi to the Lordi family and I look forward to hearing your bass playing on the new album Killection out next year. I don’t have the highest hopes for a tour here but never say never.

Detailed review coming soon once more photos are released.