The Taint

You know, it’s been a while since I had a good dream. The last really good dream was the that beauty contest one that was hosted by one of my favourite bands.

This one as okay, but it didn’t feature anything like that. I was hoping it would so that I could find an excuse to write about it. Or maybe I’m just writing about this one for the sake of writing!

This one I remember flying and singing again, but this time I must have been singing my own song whatever it meant. As much as I love flying dreams, the one thing I dread about them is when obstacles get in my way, and they are always sets of telephone wires to hinder my ability to go forward or higher. It’s like you’re trying to get somewhere in life and those wires can be seen as obstacles.

This time I just soared over all of them for a change until I plunged underwater to follow what looked like a cruise ship after hearing some sort of announcement that it was full of celebrities.

I managed to get on board through some passage at the very bottom. But by the time I got on board, it was deserted and covered in slime and mold like either the darkspawn or the Flood had a fun time infesting the place.

I found a discarded pistol on the ground and started to hold it in front of me like something was coming from all directions.

I think I’ve been reading too much of The Calling, cause this book is seriously the darkest book I’ve read from the Dragon Age universe so far.


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