Meeting With The Devil

Well now, nothing like starting the long weekend with some vivid dreams! Ah sweet solitude after a busy week at work.

Anyway, I don’t know what made me decide to write about this one. I think it was the small amount of nostalgia it presented.

It started on a farm where I was looking for somebody and a girl nearby was walking around with her backpack asking around for her friend who she called boots. Dora the Explorer confirmed ladies and gentlemen. Imagine how awful this dream would turn into if it really was her!

I came up to a man who was using a hoe in the field to make room for crops and asked him who this “Boots” was. He said it was someone’s bird who made off with three girls but had to be returned to its master deep underground, otherwise he would come to destroy the land.

This doesn’t make any sense does it? I know, but I’m just writing what I remember.

Eventually I found three girls that resembled the Powerpuff girls at first sight (and I’m talking about the original cartoon, not the remake) they were carrying around with them a little white bird claiming they were trying to keep it safe from the devil.

There’s always something like that involved. So, I began to follow them around, through fields and eventually a supermarket which I think could pass for either Pierre’s General Store or a Poke’Mart. When the girls were distracted, I snagged the bird quickly and found myself levitating across the fields trying to get up higher so that tall people on the ground could not grab me.

The bird was flying off on its own in front of me like it almost WANTED to go back to its master, which I still knew nothing about. Until that is, I found myself inside the farm building again and discovered a passage through a set of red curtains. A lady wearing devil horns motioned me to enter and follow her deep into the darkness carrying the little white bird. I was never able to see what lay at the light at the end of the tunnel before I woke up at 3am and had a dream about a bunch of tornadoes again after falling asleep half an hour later.

Well then, it’s time to go out for dinner with a friend today, and I think I’ll spend tomorrow taking a well-deserved hot bath and my Thanksgiving dinner is gonna be my own little feast of Swiss Chalet.



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