The Race to the Crystal

This dream is like an Atlantis x Mushroom Kingdom x Babar crossover type of dream. I went to bed extremely drowsy last night after watching a movie and working on some other articles at the same time.

I didn’t go to sleep at first because the sound of the wind outside and things landing on the roof. Then there was chatter from my neighbors next door.

When I finally did fall asleep, I was in some strange land with rocks, caves and passages through small mountains. I was greeted by the inhabitants that resembled Toads (you know, those mushroom-headed ones,) and baby elephants. They said that both of the leaders of their enemies were searching for a hidden crystal deep underneath the island and wanted to me to find it, merge with it and use its powers to eliminate the enemy.

I asked what was in it for me, and I think one of them said it was a change to prove to the world that I could be a hero. Maybe this dream is trying to portray me as some unsuccessful nobody who wants to turn her life around.

While trekking through passages to where the crystal might be, I felt like this dream was like being inside a video game. There were sudden flashes where I could see what was happening with the villains, without actually being there. I saw a castle surrounded by lava and the sky emitting a red glow. A combination of Koopas and Goombas plus rhino soldiers stood guard and patrolled the area. Then it cut to a throne room with Bowser and Rataxes arguing over what to do with the crystal once they found it. Bowser wanted to use it for taking Princess Peach and creating an impenetrable prison for her so that the people of her kingdom would be forced to surrender.

Rataxes on the other hand wanted to use it to convert the world into his rhino henchmen to follow him. Look it how I turned him into a tyrannical leader inspired by that movie I saw (which I still have to watch again but haven’t prioritized) where he is like that instead of being comical or however he’s like in the books and series kids watch.

The dream cut back to me hiking up a hill past a bunch of unconscious minions from both leaders. I came to a clearing overlooking an ocean with stairs leading down to a wooden dock that ended to connect with some round rocky platform where all of it was submerged and the water was very deep where I couldn’t see where the tower’s bottom was.

From below the water, I could see a faint blue glow that gave me a good idea what sort of crystal this was.

There was also a flash of red on the horizon, which one of the elephants pointed out was home to the lair Bowser and Rataxes were sharing. The red sky over there was expanding which meant the imminent arrival of their troops at my location.

I walked out onto the platform and in order to enter, I needed to answer a question, as that was the only way to access of the crystal.

There was an inscription on my feet that read “why do you wish to proceed?” I struggled to answer at first and how, was I supposed to write it or speak it. It grew dark out and the red sky from afar was coming closer. Then I spoke that I wanted to protect the crystal, the platform began to move and take me down a dark tunnel to the crystal, which revealed itself to be none other than:


I always loved the scene in the movie where Kida sees it and then it calls to her after thinking there is a threat in the chamber and she merges with it, seeing it as a way to see her mother again.

That’s not what happened to me in this dream once I saw it hovering before me above a bottomless pit of water, instead, I heard a voice calling me out from all around once again asking me what I sought from the crystal. I felt like I had to repeat myself until the voice gave a warning that any misuse would result in distrust over the natives and dire consequences, should I let it slip through my fingers. Understanding, I was motioned to step towards it and I would only be able to walk safely on the water without falling in if the crystal itself knew I was not lying.

I never knew if I merged with it or not, because the dream cut to a underwater battle between both sides and blue beams coming from all directions. There was no way to tell if that was the crystal acting up on its own, or it was my doing.

The thing about these dreams, is that when there is a story and objective behind them, often at times, you never see the objective get fulfilled because that’s when you wake up. In a nightmare, if you see people you love getting tortured, you wake up before it can happened to you. Or you start falling down a dark hole towards something dangerous, but wake up before you hit whatever it is.

The same can be apply to good dreams, like this one, I really wanted to know if I obtained the crystal’s power. I also wanted to know if this led to a showdown with my enemies. Why haven’t I made it a priority to rewatch that movie from my childhood or finish playing the remake of Bowser’s Inside Story?

This is the second time I’ve had some good dreams on a long weekend.


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