Scatter the Ashes

Oh, a Transformers dream?! When was the last time I had one of those? Not to mention one where it’s like the movies but I replace all the main human characters because they’re either pathetic or serve as just eye candy!

In this dream, I think it’s considered a little more normal compared to what I have previously written about here and other places.

It started when I was sixteen, like the same time I was head over heels for Optimus Prime at that time. The Autobots were the only friends I had, and I would frequently sneak out of the house to see them. My parents knew nothing. They just thought I was going out to see friends. Optimus and I have grown to love each other in these dreams, but it’s not like the way I’ve pictured it back when I was sixteen.

I think the reason why I was in my teen years in this dream because it was around the same time my maternal grandmother passed away and I was gathering the Autobots to participate with me in small funeral. Ironhide kept asking about why it was done the way it was done. I began to sing my nana’s favourite song and after we laid her to rest I took a walk with Optimus on the beach. Well more like he did since I was sitting on his shoulder. We talked about the war, some insecurities I was going through, and the fact that the Decepticons had not been seen in a while.

He would call me princess a lot which is always flattering.

I woke up at 6am and came down to my family having breakfast. They brought back a lot of souvenirs from Paris!


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