Home in the Valley

I came home last Friday evening to more gaming goodies!

This is the third time that Fangamer has had something out from an indie game that I got hooked on in a matter of days. I decided I wanted to bring home some Stardew Valley merchandise and when I saw it also had a guidebook, I just had to buy it.

This is definitely the biggest guidebook I’ve got so far. There’s so much information in it; some things I already know and some things I learned. Stardew Valley is such a vast game, like I started playing it and thought it was going to be very straightforward but turns out there is so much more to it. Like some of the things I mentioned in here are things I haven’t even gotten to in the game yet!

Now I don’t have to keep pausing to refer to the wiki. This book has almost everything in it.

Plus I added a Stardrop necklace. I’ve got three so far in the game, one from the fall fair, one from reaching level 100 in the mine and the third my husband Elliott gave to me. We married 3 days after his birthday on a beautiful autumn day.

There’s lots of other great things happening in the game right now, like I’m growing fruit trees, I’ve completed three more bundles in the past week, and I’m befriending other villagers I normally did not speak to on a daily basis.

With that being said, nearing the end of my second year so we’ll see how our grandpa’s spirit likes how things are. I feel like I could have done more expansions with my farm during year 2, but that’s why it’s a good thing you can keep playing afterwards.

Ah such is life, I just love this game. ❤


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