Gothic War

I've been having a lot of dreams lately, but many of them I've neglected to write about them, because I wake up in the middle of the night anxious about something, or a sore throat. This one is kind of strange, because yesterday I wrote that I was struggling to choose between playing MCC when… Continue reading Gothic War

Music and Bands

Shake His Delirium King of Life – Music of November 2019

I originally didn't want to do a monthly post because I didn't listen to a lot of music in November due to lots of personal things going on. But, sometimes I did find some solace in what I did listen to. So I'll get straight to it. I find that with the recent posts I've… Continue reading Shake His Delirium King of Life – Music of November 2019


Gamer Dilemmas Galore

Ah, another game finished. I just recently wrapped up my second play through on Mass Effect: Andromeda and I'm already debating what's going to come next. I'm also playing Dead Space on the sidelines, but in terms of something bigger, that is yet to be decided. In four days, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will… Continue reading Gamer Dilemmas Galore

TV Series

His Dark Materials S1 E1 – Lyra’s Jordan

Hello and welcome to the first review of the first episode of His Dark Materials! I'm going to try something new with this approach and I hope it'll work out for me and my viewers. So let's not waste any time shall we? Lyra has been living in Jordan College in Oxfurt with her uncle… Continue reading His Dark Materials S1 E1 – Lyra’s Jordan


Opinions are Forbidden – Except Here

Welcome to the Internet where you are not allowed to state your opinion if it's negative in any form. I always preach that sometimes a negative opinion is best left to yourself, especially if you plan to use a lot of profanity, no constructive reasons to support that said opinion, or it promotes targeting a… Continue reading Opinions are Forbidden – Except Here


The Calling – Architect and Ghouls

Ah, it's time for another book review and in the Dragon Age universe no less. I feel like this one is a vast improvement from its predecessor. We're still in the land of Ferelden now, but this one is definitely closer to the start of the events during the fifth Blight. After Maric has successfully… Continue reading The Calling – Architect and Ghouls


Games I’m Going to Play Next

Ever since I brought home Teletraan-1, I've already been thinking about big games that I'm going to play that she can run. I played Witcher 3 for more than half of the year while squeezing some new indie games when I'm not in the mood for trekking around killing monsters. Now that I'm done that,… Continue reading Games I’m Going to Play Next

Music and Bands

Killection Masks – Detailed Review

A new era of Lordi is upon us and I always look forward to beginning a detailed review of the band's new look. I'm not going to get rambling this time, but jump straight into it and finish up with my thoughts on the album title and tracks. So let's begin! Hiisi Starting with the… Continue reading Killection Masks – Detailed Review