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Killection Masks – Detailed Review

A new era of Lordi is upon us and I always look forward to beginning a detailed review of the band’s new look.

I’m not going to get rambling this time, but jump straight into it and finish up with my thoughts on the album title and tracks.

So let’s begin!



Starting with the new guy on the block. Meet Hiisi, the new bassist of Lordi described as a reptilian troll from the Arctic. I’m already loving those fangs and skull-like face. He’s also rocking the platforms and I love the rest of the outfit over all, I can’t wait to hear what he brings.



The first thing that I liked about Mana’s new look was the chains on his face look like they’re pulling the flesh away to reveal his teeth. It makes him look like a cenobite; hell he’d make a pretty good one! Also the outfit, those look like bullets lining down to the bottom of the front and plus he looks good in a cape!



Beautiful Hella, I’m going to miss that platinum blonde hair she rocked in the previous era, but this suits her find too. The fact that she still got the fingerless glove on her right hand shows that you gotta keep at least one thing and stick with it. Her eye makeup isn’t as eye-popping this time, but I’m living for the torn and studded jean jacket!



Now we’re talking mummy here! I’m absolutely loving the bandages over his face, it’s really creepy and cool at the same time. He’s still got his signature ankh around his neck, as he should be. Though I’m not really digging his jacket just yet, I’m pretty sure it’ll grow on me.

Mr. Lordi

Mr Lordi

Ah my Monsterman looks dazzling, literally! I’m glad he still has some of the spikes, especially on his belt and arms, and maybe all the glitter is perfect to represent the new album’s theme. Also, wait, did he just tie his beard into a little braid? Aww, well that’s something new, plus there’s a little skull there! Oh and I love the knee pads as well, they look like Xenomorphs and it’s not the first time he’s put something on his outfit that looks like it. I’m not sure if he’s an Alien fan but you never know.

I kind of forgot about the new album and while I was taking a mental break, a new single dropped, so I better get listening to it! The new album is supposed to have a theme of what Lordi would sound like if they started in the earlier decades, and I love how Lordi is a band willing to experiment now and then.

Now, if you’ll excuse me.


6 thoughts on “Killection Masks – Detailed Review”

      1. I’ve been into them since 2012 but it didn’t take me long to hear about ESC! I’ve only seen them once since they don’t tour my country much but they are a huge influence to me and I would not be writing on this blog if it weren’t for them. Well that’s to make a long story short. Anyway, I wonder what it must have been like for those who were watching ESC, became fans through that, and still remain loyal today. I like that.

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      2. Well, I first heard of them at the ESC back then when they won for Finland (I believe?). Later I had my actual hard rock and metal phase but nowadays I’m kind of only listening to jazz and indie and sometimes I switch it up with other playlist. It’s always great to hear them in some random playlist though! And I love their style and most of their songs, so I’d consider myself a fan. Not the biggest fan of all of them out there but one of the smaller ones I guess πŸ˜€

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