Games I’m Going to Play Next

Ever since I brought home Teletraan-1, I’ve already been thinking about big games that I’m going to play that she can run.

I played Witcher 3 for more than half of the year while squeezing some new indie games when I’m not in the mood for trekking around killing monsters. Now that I’m done that, I’m playing Mass Effect Andromeda again, but I can’t help but brainstorm what’s next now that I have a computer that can do more and run more.

This list isn’t final, but here’s what I have in mind so far.

The Middle-Earth Games


Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War as they call them. I have been wanting to explore the expanded universe of Lord of the Rings for a long time. I loved the original trilogy that I nearly know the films by heart. It took me forever to read through the books, but I’ll gladly pick them up again!

All I know about these games is something about a wraith and there will be lots of orcs and uruk-hai. There is obviously much I still don’t know about Middle-Earth than I thought and I think these games would be a brand new adventure for me.

Darksiders Trilogy


I’ll admit I sometimes go through my Steam discovery queue and occasionally there will be something that catches my eye. Some of the indie games I love today, I found through that feature. This trilogy is one that came to me when I was exploring what I wanted to play before building Teletraan-1.

It looks like a war between angels and demons post-worldwide-apocalypse. Plus it’s hack and slash which is one of my favorite forms of combat. All I know about characters so far is the playables are the four horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Death, Fury, and I forget the name of the fourth one but they all look badass, especially War and I just found out that Death is voiced by the same actor who did Scroop in Treasure Planet so that makes me instantly eager to play this trilogy first. Oh and I just realized that a fourth game is coming next month, I have a lot to catch up to.

Dark Souls Trilogy


I know, I know, I meant to get into this series a year ago and I felt like I gave up because I kept dying even though I was made aware that it’s part of the learning experience. But now I really mean it this time, I do want to get back into this trilogy and succeed at it. I just need to have more patience and embrace the challenge.

People have told me good builds and skills to focus on and I did not realize I wrote some of it down last year. I was dying a lot when I first began Hollow Knight so maybe with these games I’ll need extra patience. If I can conquer the White Palace and defeat the Radiance (still need to do the latter) then I can do this too. I’ll find a class that works and eventually conquer it.

Call of Cthulhu


I’ve been thinking of getting a bunch of Lovecraft books for Christmas, but I never thought there was going to be a video game based off of the only story I’ve read by him so far. I read The Call of Cthulhu online and it was so vivid and eerie that I couldn’t put it down.

I don’t know what this game will bring, but from what I’ve seen from the trailers, there’s some RPG elements, along with mentions of the protagonist slowly slipping into madness, and cultists worshipping Cthulhu with their faces painted like the monster. I don’t expect Cthulhu itself to appear till the end cause I think I know how Lovecraftian horror works now (I will have to read more stories to confirm if I’m right), so this will be an interesting one. Also it’s apparently a survival horror game, the last time I tried to complete one of those, I never did, so this will be a challenge.

And that’s it so far. I’m also looking at doing a co-op run of Cuphead once I can find someone who’s willing sit through it with me without us shrieking at our screens. It’s unlikely we’ll complete it in one sitting though. Lucky for me, I’ve been watching different tactics so it might help in some sort. I just want to beat it for some reason.

I think there’s more on my to-play list since I have a significant backlog to clear in my library, including a lot of Assassin’s Creed games, but I thought I would just highlight the ones I’m looking forward to the most.


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    1. Yes I’ve been trying to, but I’m not used to dying frequently. But maybe now I can approach it with a better attitude after experiencing Hollow Knight! One of my friends likes the third game the most.

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