Gothic War

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately, but many of them I’ve neglected to write about them, because I wake up in the middle of the night anxious about something, or a sore throat.

This one is kind of strange, because yesterday I wrote that I was struggling to choose between playing MCC when it’s out on Tuesday, or going into Darksiders. After this dream, it’s made me lean towards the latter option. Besides, I can play MCC at any time and if it comes out with bugs, I can focus myself on something else while they’re patched up.

While in the midst of deciding, I had a dream that I thought was taking place in my Stardew Valley life. To me, it looked like I was divorcing Elliott and hooking up with Sebastian.

Ok, I would never divorce Elliott! If I really wanted to give Sebastian a go, I would start a new game.

In this dream, I was leaving my farm to get some things in town; probably just to get some more seeds. Halfway there, I was suddenly hugged from behind and pulled into a nearby bush.

When I saw his face, that’s when I thought it was Sebastian because of the black straight hair, but his face kept flashing to change into something completely different with glowing eyes and long white hair.

He kept whispering

“I am War, and you are mine”

While kissing me all over to a point where I felt too pleasured to struggle. Whoever this was, why would they want me and want war at the same time? Oh no, is this foreshadowing something to come in my next journey in gaming? I had the same dreams of Geralt before I even started playing the Witcher games!

This is not good.



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