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Shake His Delirium King of Life – Music of November 2019

I originally didn’t want to do a monthly post because I didn’t listen to a lot of music in November due to lots of personal things going on. But, sometimes I did find some solace in what I did listen to. So I’ll get straight to it.

I find that with the recent posts I’ve been making, the order I put the songs in nowadays are random rather than the one that falls at #1 being the most listened to of the month.

5. Lordi – Shake the Baby Silent

Ah a new single by Lordi! I normally write a separate post over my thoughts of any singles they release before the album is out, as well as track-listing, along with a review of the band’s new outfits, but this time I just forgot I guess. I’ll just save that for when the album is actually out!

Lordi’s trying to go for something vintage with their new album and I think this one is going to be rock-based rather than about horror. This one is definitely catchy and fast-paced. Makes me almost want to dance but the chorus is a bit repetitive, which is the only negative I have to say about this song. It’s new Lordi and I’m always happy to hear new things from them.

4. Lorne Balfe – His Dark Materials Theme

I thought that November was going to be a terrible month for me, but in terms of my passions, it’s been great so far. At the start of this month, HBO’s His Dark Materials aired which I’ve been looking forward to since the moment it was first announced.

And my God, the show’s theme music is fantastic! Sorry Game of Thrones, you’ve been upstaged! It’s such a beautiful melody that it’ll be my new thing to hum as I listen to it as it plays at the start of a new episode. I hope they don’t change it when the second season airs because I love it so much already that I would hate to see it replaced.

3. Epica – Delirium

This is a beautiful and sad tune by Epica that gives you a break from their typical sound. I usually listen to it as part of a playlist, or just on shuffle. I also used it as part of my Shan Yu fanfiction in the chapter where my character attempts suicide after all the abuse she’s endured by Shan Yu himself because the song just sounded like it fit that part of the story like a glove.

But its tearful theme serves as a reminder of what I’ve been through. At the end of last month I took a week-long break from blogging because on that day, I had lost my job that I had for three months, but through no fault of my own. I was devastated and it took me two weeks after that to get back into a routine of exercising and spending time searching/applying for however long I felt comfortable. On a positive note, it has given me more time to catch up on hobbies. Man, I wish I could make money just by writing on here! But yeah, I felt like this song served as my current mental situation when it first happened.

2. Metallica – King Nothing

I never listen to these guys despite them being like, one of the most popular bands in the world. I don’t know, they just never appealed to me. But this song was actually on the radio last week which surprised me. Metal on the radio?! But then again, Metallica is probably soft enough for that.

Anyway,  I thought this song sounded interesting. There’s something about the riffs that make you able to easily tell that oh yeah, that is definitely Metallica! There was a time where I did actually enjoy them, but that was their older stuff.

1. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

Probably the most empowering for me this month. You see, when I found myself once again in a slump, I was grieving at first, but then I had a strong sense of determination to get back out there. This song made me feel like my desire for that was being fueling continuously. Life is hard when you’re young in your 20’s: trying to enter the job market or you had an early fallout in it and you have to get back in and don’t have many cards to play with, or you still don’t know what you want to do with it. I always had this notion that I would have my shit together and be fully independent by the time I was 30.

As I get closer to that age, I realize that that may not happen. But, I’ve been told it’s now really common. Society may see it as a bad thing, but this song is a reminder that it’s your life and that everyone starts somewhere at a different time. There is no longer a certain age where you have to be working a stable job and living on your own.

I’m grateful for having such a supportive family and I hope that come 2020 things will start to take an upswing again. I had a job interview on Wednesday this week that went really well, and there will be another next Tuesday, and I’m looking forward to the holidays as they should give me a well-deserved break.


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