Real Neat Blogger Award Take 2

Ah, it’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these. This is my second Real Neat Blogger award from Extra Life

Real Neat Blog Award

Here are the questions I’ve been left with. As usual, I will answer them, nominate and then leave my questions for the nominees.

1. What is your favorite variety of meat? Or if you don’t eat meat what is your favorite meat substitute?

Mmm, I love meat, I’m a carnivore at heart! My mom always told me that I should have protein in my meals so thanks to her way of raising me, I will never ever be a vegetarian or a vegan. The bonus is that I enjoy eating it and it’s high quality protein.

So we’re talking varieties of meat? I love to eat chicken (the breast and thigh areas), I like pork chops and tenderloin, turkey (breast), roast beef, steak (at medium), and ribs.

If you don’t eat meat, I will respect you as long as you respect me.

2. If you could permanently remove one installment from a series you like (which would erase its existence from everyone’s memory), which one would you choose?

Daenerys death
First I was angry, then I cried, why just why?

I would like to ret-con everything that happened to Daenerys Targaryen the moment she set foot in Westeros when she lost all her allies, went mad over the course of just a few episodes (which had no development at all compared to her rise to power), and her death which was anticlimactic as fuck. She did not deserve to be treated that way.

Ah Game of Thrones, the world where women are secondary thus married off to men they don’t love most of the time due to vile patriarchy and those who aren’t of noble blood are sex objects. Dany overcame all those things from rape to misogyny to abuse and became a role model to young women like myself, only for D&D to stab me in the back. So I would love to fix that.

3. If you lost a bet, would you rather read the worst book, play the worst game, listen to the worst album, or watch the worst film that you know of?

I’ll play the worst game, whatever that game might be. I already know what I’d choose for worst book and movies and I despise them too much to lose more brain cells to them, as for the worst album, I’ll probably have to sterilize my ears with a massive dose of heavy metal so I’ll pass on that.

Give me the worst game you can think of and okay I’ll play it.

4. If you won a bet, what kind of punishment would be in store for your friend?

I’m not very creative with this!

I would get them to accompany me into a store I like that they don’t. I actually did this once with one of my closest male friends. I had to get something for my cousin’s birthday, so he had to follow me into Sephora and try not to yawn while I browsed.

5. What is your favorite month of the year?

May, not just because it’s my birth month but it’s also when some of my favourite flowers bloom in the spring, like the bleeding heart. Mine got so big in the garden that we had to divide the perennials!

6. What is a piece of obscure trivia you like to mention during social gatherings?

Quoting references from movies I love that nobody will get or characters that nobody knows. Everything I love is practically unknown to society.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? In this hypothetical situation, assume your choice would grant you complete fluency in the area’s official language.

Finland, because of one reason, these guys!

Lordi Killection

8. What is the longest amount of time you’ve ever driven a car or other vehicle in one sitting?

I don’t drive so I can’t really remember. But I was a passenger once for a nine hour drive to another province in my country.

9. What is the most annoying fictional character you can think of?

There are lots of annoying fictional characters out there, I have actually thought about making a list of them, especially the most annoying fictional mean girls. But, if I had to pick one that I loathe, it would be Penelope Lang from Atomic Betty.

The way she talks is super annoying, and unlike some other cartoon mean girls, the schemes she enacts are not as harmful to Betty’s self-esteem or love life, but more just for the sake of taunting, humiliation, or practical jokes.

The only two things I can recall that she did that actually were significantly cruel was when she kicked Betty out of the talent show just because she was late for rehearsals and when she stole Betty’s diary and read it. Also, I’ll never get over the fact why she was invited to Betty’s surprise birthday party in the season 1 finale, did her [Betty] parents assume she was friends with Penelope, because they clearly aren’t.

10. What is the most underrated fictional character you can think of?

Again, another really long list to choose from. But I think a really good one would be:

Rtas 'Vadum

Rtas ‘Vadum, the half-jawed Sangheili who served as a Spec Ops Commander and later Shipmaster of the assault carrier Shadow of Intent. I absolutely love him, yet he is frequently overshadowed by Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam and all the human characters. Those of you who know the Halo franchise will likely know Rtas.

I first saw him in Halo 3 and liked the way he talked. Then when I saw him again in Halo 2 (yeah I didn’t play the games in chronological order at first) I was curious and since his name was never mentioned, I had to Google it. What I love about him the most is that he is a great leader and shows a lot of compassion for his troops, even the Unggoy, and remains calm in difficult situations.

It’s strange because, most people I know, find it easier to relate to human fictional characters because it’s just a natural thing. But, I personally can relate to any nonhuman characters because maybe I’m just one of those human beings that can detect personality in aliens that makes them capable of showing emotion. That makes them almost human like us and Rtas is one of those that fits into that therefore, I think he needs more love.

11. With the decade coming to a close, would you say this was a good period for films, comics, animation, music, literature, or video games?

Depends on how you look at it. Game of Thrones ended and we got some good stuff from HBO following it afterwards: Chernobyl and His Dark Materials. Good for TV? Yeah.

As for the rest of the things, I haven’t been entirely in the loop due to work commitments so I think it’s only been for good for TV series this year so far.

Okay so that’s that, now here are my questions:

1. What’s a video game series that you always come back to?

2. What’s a book that you never get tired of rereading?

3. Is there a novel you enjoy today as an adult that was originally marketed towards children?

4. What actor or musician would you trade lives with for one day and what would you do on that one day?

5. What was the last concert you went to?

6. Do you ever treat yourself to an early Christmas present? If yes, what was the last one?

7. How would you describe your life growing up as a geek?

And for my nominations:

Quibbles and Scribbles



Bizarre Brunette

Happy writing to you all!


4 thoughts on “Real Neat Blogger Award Take 2”

  1. I find I’m more partial to beef than any other meat. It helps that there are many ways to prepare it.

    Yeah, I heard Game of Thrones really went to crap in the last few seasons or so. Even someone who has never watched an episode such as I know of the infamous placing of the Starbucks coffee cup upon that table.

    I want to say play the worst game, but that would mean playing NES Dragon’s Lair. Having to choose between that or watching Legion would be daunting.

    Going to a store you don’t like would be a pretty bad punishment. I have to admit I tend to keep shopping for things I like brief because I’m not the one to shop for several hours at a time; I don’t understand how some people can do that.

    Yeah, the spring months are nice, though my favorite season is, and always has been, summer.

    There is something cool about sharing good, obscure works with other people, huh?
    Scandinavians have really produced a lot of great metal music over the years.

    I actually watched a few episodes of that show as a kid. There really isn’t much to Penelope Lang other than just being the mean girl, which makes her a bad character by default.

    Now that the Halo franchise is on Steam, I really need to look into it. And I think any character can be relatable – it doesn’t matter what species they are. Those who can’t emphasize with them aren’t trying hard enough, I find.

    Personally, I think this was a great decade for video games. I will say that the 2010s’ biggest disasters were more visible (and arguably more frequent) than those of the 2000s, but I still find the 2010s at their best was just a little bit better.

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