Chasing the Shadow

Wow what a dream! Why am I not surprised about this one? Oh yeah cause Halo MCC came out on PC this week. I finished my campaign run yesterday and enjoy playing Firefight arcade online. So now I’m alternating between that, Darksiders, and Stardew Valley.

Playing Halo again has caused some feelings and memories to resurface. One of them is the love I have for one of the most underrated characters in the entire series: Rtas ‘Vadum. One that I also kept quiet about on the forums unlike with the Didact back in the day, since at the time, I was obsessed with the latter.

In this dream, I was the Dragon Master and for many years, I had formed an alliance with the Sangheili after aiding them in stopping the prophets from firing the halo rings. Rtas and I had formed a relationship, but he had gone to war and had been gone for years. I had sent him a letter but he never responded, until the events of this dream.

I was sitting in my room when the doorbell rang, I went downstairs to answer but there was no one there except for a letter that said.

Dearest Emily,

I am so sorry I kept you in the dark like this, but I did receive your letter and at that time, my brothers, sisters, and I were preparing to go to war with the remaining Covenant forces that were still corrupt from the Prophets’ influence.

You will be happy to learn that the last of the threat has been defeated and we have earned a good rest.

Most of my brothers and sisters want to return home, but Tul ‘Juran insisted I visit you instead. The Arbiter already understands. I have much to tell you about the events that unfolded. I think the one involving the Prelate will interest you the most.

Keep an eye on the sky, I will be there soon.

Rtas ‘Vadum

Now, of course, if I was my Sangheili OC in this dream, rather than the Dragon Master, I would be commanding my fleet, which includes his and we’d be facing the threat together. I am happy to learn in the Halo lore that Thel ‘Vadam eventually lifted the patriarchal restrictions to allow more female Sangheili to join the military!

After reading the letter, all I could do was jump for joy and I ran upstairs to don my favourite white dress with a pink ribbon that he loved to see me in. Then I went outside to transform into my Dragon Master self and began frantically flying around the city, watching out for Shadow of Intent. After crossing the lake, I finally saw it being escorted by phantoms and seraphs. I felt like my heart lit up like a Christmas tree as I sped towards it.

Shadow of Intent

Finally, a good size of this ship for my desktop!

Anyway, I started flying alongside of the carrier singing a song I had written for Rtas like:

So this is me standing here in this open space

Wondering why I look it you, and it makes my heart race

Oh, cause you are Shipmaster, I’m just a pretty face

That’s just one snippet, I’m not going to post the entire lyrics here! But, I guess it got their attention because the carrier then halted and the gravity lift below activated. I flew underneath and let it carry me on board while reverting to my normal form.

When two Elite guards greeted me, I barely said hello and made a beeline for the ship’s bridge. I sprinting down the corridor with my heels making a plonking sound at each step while trying not to trip over my dress. I nearly ran over a couple of minor-ranked Elites en route and could have sworn I heard one of them ask the other who I was and the second replied it was the Shipmaster’s human lover.

As I ran down the main hall towards the bridge, I could hear Rtas’ voice from the other side, but when he stopped abruptly, I guess he knew I was rapidly approaching. The door to the bridge opened, and there he was, standing at the holo war table with two zealot-class Elites at his side. He looked up as soon as I he saw me.

Rtas and his Elites

I ran across the room and threw my arms around him without hesitation. He returned my embrace, by lifting me up and spinning me around joyfully. Then he chuckled and said I could have just waited until he was able to land.

I told him that there was no way I could wait after so much time had passed, and he set me down with arms still around me. He said we had much to catch up on and we left the bridge together.

That was when I woke up at around 6am still thinking about it and eager to start writing!

Well that’s what I get for playing a lot of online Firefight arcade last night!

Have I ever had a dream about Rtas before? Maybe this is the first, or it’s the first one I’m actually writing about.

Why can’t I have these dreams more often?!


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