Abduction and Destruction

Have I actually ever had a dream about War of the Worlds before? (The remake from Steven Spielberg, not the original)

It’s my favorite standalone sci-fi film and I saw it just before my freshman year. It’s definitely scary at times.

No matter, now I’m going to write about it.

As Dragon Master, I was visiting some sort of university campus off the coast of an island among several other islands.

Getting out of the airport was a bitch with the crowds. Nobody knew who I was since I was not in my form, so I took advantage of that to get to my destination.

The campus had a nice beach view with a tall residence building, several other buildings for classes, and a covered walkway to the beach.

When I stepped off the bus, it was a bright sunny day, for the moment at least. Many of the students were lounging on the grass in the central walkway. They all seemed so carefree. I was apparently visiting the campus to patrol as there had been reports of strange storms in nearby areas that were causing blackouts. Sound familiar?

Near the beach there was submerged passage that led to safe house on an island which I thought would come in handy in case the students needed an escape route.

I went to sleep in one of the vacant dorms to enter another dream, but upon waking up to return to this dream, I discovered that none of the lights were turning on and my clock had stopped working.

When I stepped outside, there was a massive hole in the central walkway, and something appeared to be stirring beneath it. Hundreds of students were gathered around it.

If I was in that War of the Worlds film, I would have started running the moment the ground started to rumble, not wait until the tripod machine pulls its ray guns out!

I took flight and yelled at the students to take the hidden passage. Some of them listened and some of them didn’t as the tripod was rising up out of the hole. Just as I ensured that everyone had gone under, I heard that eerie foghorn and began flying across the sea following the large pipe under the water. I looked behind to see the tripod now firing its beams at some unlucky individuals who didn’t make it to the tunnel in time, or they were those enthusiasts who WANTED to be abducted.

The sea then began to close off as several islands appeared and two large ones were forming a short narrow river. Though I could not hear the tripod behind me, I hoped that passing through there would lose it.

The dream then cut to me and several surviving students at the safe house at night. Everyone seemed to be once again, chilling with not a care in the world, but I was still on my guard listening for any sound of rumbling or horns.

However, it was difficult to hear with all the music and chatter coming from everyone around me, so I went over to the other side of the island where it was much quieter. The only sound was the waves and there were no lights. I looked over the horizon and heard that horn once again. It was hard to tell how close or far it was, until I saw nine lights on the horizon. I ran back to the lit porch on the other side and told the survivors that we needed to move. One girl said that there was no where to go. I nearly got angry how the safe house was so poorly designed that it didn’t have its own cellar other than the submerged passage.

Another student said that it would no longer be safe to take that passage since the tripods had likely destroyed it. I proposed that we wade out into the water on our side and call for help (dumb idea, I know since those machines can actually pop out from underwater) Then we all swam out with me flying above to try to get as far out as possible. The tripods didn’t seem to be gaining on us at first, until suddenly, massive branches of red weed began to grow out of the water. It was thick and moving like tentacles and began to hinder our escape.

Already, I could hear some students screaming as the tripods gained on us. Some of them got caught in the red weed, and others tried to dive underwater to lose them, but it proved no good, as soon as I heard loud splashes mere meters from behind me, the three tripods closing in. Their tentacles swooped down and started to grab everyone, pulling them upward into the cages. I continued to fly away, but the red weed kept growing to block my path, even if I used my flame breath to burn it out of my way it proved no use because it continued to grow back. This is not how it was portrayed in the books or the movies, but then again it is a dream.

Eventually, it grew tall enough that my wings got tangled in them. I struggled to break free, but it was no use when once of the tentacles grabbed me by the leg and pulled me upside down into one of the cages. The other students were panicking and I looked back at our safe house to see it burning. The inevitable fate was near for most of these students as I waited for the organic red hole to appear from above.

Unless, I figured something else that is, but I woke up not long after glancing at the ruined safe house.

There are so many unanswered questions I have about the War of the Worlds lore and it’s a pity I’ll never find out what I want to know. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a dream related to this before, or maybe I have but this is the first one I’ve written about.


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