TV Series

His Dark Materials S1 E5 – The Lost Boy

Iorek and Lyra

Time for another episode review! I always look forward to writing these, and this episode brings a lot of revelations, as well as some more light on the plot in alternate Earth.

Lyra and company continue to head North, and the alethiometer warns her of a ghost in a nearby village. She travels there with Iorek. I really liked this scene of them sitting together having their own meals where Lyra is trying to befriend him. Iorek seemed very grumpy and reserved since the last episode, but after this scene, he’s slowly starting to warm up to Lyra and shares with her the story of his exile. Lyra tries to reach an understanding with him on how bears and humans can trick someone and she desires to prove that they are alike.

By then this is when Iorek’s voice grew on me.

But oh the suspense when they arrive at the village, this is exactly how I remember it. Dark and abandoned and there Lyra finds Billy Costa cold and separated from his daemon. Now we know what the Gobblers are up to, they want to sever children’s bonds with their daemons before they settle, since children are not influenced by Dust like adults are. More is revealed soon.

Billy dies shortly after being reunited with his family motivating the Gyptians to get revenge at any cost.

Meanwhile, we get to see more of the alternate Earth. So Lord Boreal is actually looking for a man named John Parry, and he manages to find his wife and son: Will and Elaine. Elaine appears to have some mental illness, making Will spend a lot of time taking care of her. The pieces started to come together once Serafina reveals that Lyra has a role to play in a war and the Multiverse. I’m guessing this Multiverse is all the worlds connected by Dust. Boreal seems to think that Will’s father has found a way to travel across it, just like Asriel is trying to find the same thing! I think Will has a role to play as well.

Only time will tell.

This episode ended with another cliffhanger when Lyra was abducted and taken straight to Bolvangar, this can only mean trouble. Not where I was expecting her to end up, but I’m excited now. Bolvangar looks a lot more intimidating than I’ve seen it, so stay tuned for next week.

Oh and merry Christmas!



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