Weird Tales of the North

Merry Christmas you clever little pyjaks!

I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging between my scheduled HDM weekly episode review posts cause surprise surprise, I landed a new job which I started last week so after a two-month downward ride of the rollercoaster, I have bounced back to advance my career somewhere else and I couldn’t be happier. So, I’m hoping things work out better this time around.

I think I’ve also got a tiny bit of writer’s block as I haven’t had any good dreams since that WOTW one and I’ve brainstormed tons of book, game and other reviews to write as well. Other rants are ones that just pop into my head and it’s just a matter of me prioritizing writing them!

So, for Christmas this year my relatives are coming over for dinner and I also finished my Masked Empire novel just in time for some reads:



That’s right, I finally got the trilogy! Now I can read the original work from the author after being obsessed with HBO’s adaptation for the past 8 weeks; I still have to watch the season finale!

Remember all those times I wrote about how I wanted to check out more of Lovecraft’s stories after enjoying The Call Cthulhu, so I put on my Christmas list that I wanted something Lovecraft like maybe a book that had a couple of tales in it, I was surprised but happy to find this big Necronmicon which has over twenty stories within it. Damn, well I guess that’s even better!

You can pretty much read all of his work online for free since there wasn’t anyone to claim it when he passed away, but there’s something magical about physical books that can’t be replicated.

Anyway, I also got some new clothes, hiking boots, gift cards and more moisturizers for my hands and body than I know what to do with!

My head is just spinning with so many things I would like to write and maybe I will finally get down to writing actual reviews for Witcher 3, Stardew Valley (update on that is overdue), and maybe even Slime Rancher!

Well, that’s it for now, once I’ve settled into my new job (let’s hope I actually do because it involves rotating shifts) then I will try to write more frequently, but if at any time I don’t due to things like work and changes in my hours, my health and sleep will take priority.

Happy holidays everyone.


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