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Praying on the Edge that I’m Guaranteed a Feeling – Music of December 2019

Publishing this one day early to make room for my next weekly HDM episode review due tomorrow.

It’s the last day of the month AND the last day of 2019, so let’s give it up for another 5 songs to close 2019 off with!

5. Kesha – Praying

The last few months of 2019 were difficult after I lost my job, but when I bounced back and started a new one this month, this song reminded me of how I got through a bad experience and rose up again strong. There’s a saying that how we respond to failure is what makes it part of a success, can you pick yourself back up after it happens? I was hoping to do that when I went in for my first interview after I was almost fully recovered mentally from my lay off.

So, whether it’s a break up, job loss, whatever, a song like this can remind us that rough changes like these can happen and how do we move on from them or get out of a situation that is bad for our health, like a toxic relationship which was Kesha’s situation and this song serves as her recovery after leaving it.

4. 30 Seconds to Mars – Edge of the Earth

Are bands running out of creativity with their names?

Just kidding, this was playing in my head when I was playing Dead Space for some reason. There was this part in the second game where you have to float out into an open vacuum of space and move these solar-panels all while keeping an eye on your oxygen level. Thankfully, there are stations to restore it. A shout-out to my Line Gun for being there for me when there was that Nest I had to deal with.

Anyway, that’s another song that’s just there for this month and I just like how fast-paced it is. Not many songs like these have a sci-fi feel to them.

3. Walk of the Earth – I’ll Be There

After I heard that one of the members in this group died, I thought they were going to take a break for a while, but I guess I was wrong. In a world full of songs about sex, love, and money, we need more songs with messages like these.

Sure, when you listen to it, it sounds like just another supportive love song, but the music video indicates that it tells a different story of a brother and sister who grew up supporting each other…and well just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. I have a feeling this’ll be shown in school to educate our kids about drug addiction.

The song itself is beautiful and I just had to listen to it again when it was on the radio. The music video’s story made me cry and it also makes me think of all my friends out there I know who have either overcome addiction, or are still battling it.

2. Alyssa Reid – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why do I even like this song? Because it’s catchy I guess. I think the music video is dumb though with the main guy in it being ugly, like I never understood why women find that kind of hair attractive, but anyway the song is good on its own.

Instead of picturing the music video when I listen to it, I think of myself dancing around in armor (no it is not skimpy, the only flesh you get to see is my face) in some kind of fortress with rhino heads over the doors while wielding an axe. It seems that I always do that when I don’t like a song’s music video, but I like the song itself, I make my own music video.

1. Irene Cara – Flashdance What a Feeling

I had all my songs set in order, except my last one until I watched Flashdance with my mom last weekend and then I remembered this song. Aside from the 80’s rock and metal I listen to on occasion, I forget that there’s some great disco/dance music too. This one is definitely a feel-good song that you want to get up and dance to.

Oh, and I did enjoy the movie but I also thought that there was going to be a final scene where Alex was going to be seen performing at an actual recital a few months of a year after her audition, but I guess not.

I think it also serves as good closure to 2019 on how I finished this year. Most of my year was going strong until I had one downfall of losing my last job in the fall, then in just a matter of a few weeks I sprung back up and found another and I’m happier there. I am really hoping that I’ll go into 2020 with a positive attitude and succeed at that job.

Yes, I do hope 2020 means some improvements to my personal life and mental well-being too. Though I’ve known about my ASD for years and am always trying to find ways to improve my social skills, I also have finally learned the truth about why I have so much anxiety. I’m not one to make resolutions anymore, I do my best and make goals and strategies everyday, not just when one year ends and another begins.

Happy New Year everyone, let’s hope 2020 will be good for all of us and not dominated by politics and hate.


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