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His Dark Materials S1 E6 – The Daemon Cages

The Daemon Cages.png

Well, that certainly was an episode full of surprises! Welcome to another review!

I was initially surprised that we jumped to Bolvangar next in this one, but the facility looks a lot more intimidating, like at the beginning this girl gets called into this room and we have this woman who appears to have no daemon. The way she speaks makes her sound like a Tranquil mage from the Dragon Age universe. The only kind of mages that templars like to be around!

Lyra goes under the alias of Lizzie Brooks and reunites with Roger where they secretly search for the truth. Turns out that the children that were severed from their daemons are alive and kept in isolation while the daemons are in cages. Not sure why the children have had their heads shaved though.

The Gobblers have been conducting these experiments for a while and only now have children started to survive the process. Lyra devises a plan to help the children escape which I already knew what it was: just a little usage of the alarms…enough to distract everyone while she destroys the machine.

She does a helluva good job hiding from Mrs. Coulter, tricking the scientists to releasing her from the guillotine before the can begin the intercision, as well as tricking Mrs. Coulter herself that she will help her as a daughter should. Good thing she kept that spy fly handy!

So, with that being said, she believes that Dust is something that “infects” everyone and it is considered a sin. She wants to eliminate the problem with severing children from their daemons before they hit puberty; which is when a daemon settles and stops shape-shifting. Alright, so what we’ve got here is a religious fanatical group right? Does the Magisterium back this as well? I hope that is revealed soon and has a connection to Will from the alternate Earth too.

Mrs. Coulter can truly be violent when she doesn’t get her way, and when it’s not that, she’s manipulative and she actually reminds me of Cersei now.

Once the Gyptians show up, we get a nice little battle scene and all the children are rescued and taken South, even those who were already affected. Lyra goes with Roger, Iorek and Lee to rescue her father at Svalbard and this very last part was full of suspense as these giant bats attack the hot air balloon and Lyra falls out, I think I know where she’s going to land! That just makes me excited for the next episode!

Another one well done: A+

See you next week.


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