Making Babies and Expanding

Ah Stardew Valley, what you do to me…

What year is it now? I think it’s Year 4. After marrying Elliott in the fall of my second year, the third year I started to shift gears to expand my farm in order to get a better rating from grandpa. I really wanted that statue that produces iridium since it seemed like the easiest way to obtain the ore.

I made frequent trips to the mines just to find a diamond for re-evaluation. Eventually I came across it and here we are.

I think it’s restoring the Community Centre that contributed to finally earning this. Now I have so much iridium than I know what to do with!

On top of that, I’ve made significant improvement to Sunrise farm. Expanding is still in progress, which is slow, but I plan to add a pond and a few other things. Once that’s all placed, the surrounding land I’ll probably just plant trees. Sometimes I refer to my guidebook a lot because there’s little things I’ve missed.

I just realized I might be close enough to affording a Junimo hut from Wizard!

This area used to have another field of crops and one of each fruit tree, but then my animals were getting in the way. So, I rebuit it into a large pen for all of them. Despite that, they still tend to stick in one place.

Also, my farmer is wearing a different outfit in this screenshot, well ConcernedApe released a new patch that allows you to use the cloth you get from a loom to make clothes with Emily’s sewing machine and dye them too. I love that new feature already.

Shortly after our first anniversary, Elliott and I decided to start a family and now here is our daughter Celene months later (I named her after the Empress of Orlais), now we are expecting another and I have a feeling it’ll be a boy this time. I remember I already had several girl names but for a boy, I’ll need to think about it some more.

In my social life, I’m getting closer to people I initially didn’t talk to everyday since starting, like Willy for instance, I had to help him clean up a crab problem in his cabin.

Sam and his band had their first gig, Leah did an art show, and I had some fun with Haley at the ranch. I’m glad she learns to embrace country life if you choose to befriend her.

So, with that being said, this is probably the last update from this game I’m going to do since I’ve tackled pretty much every major thing I wanted to do in this game. There are still plenty of things in this game that I do want to do such as explore the Skull Cavern, catch every fish, start a new game and see what it’s like to go with Joja, oh and complete the last hidden bundle!

I thought I was going to write a formal review for this game like I do for every other game that I play, but doing these little posts was a lot of fun and it was like doing a review of the game in a different method.

So to summarize, Stardew Valley is a fantastic game. It’s another game next to Slime Rancher that made me enjoy farming simulation again. It’s so much more than meets the eye and gets you hooked for hours. I’ve had so much fun playing this, and I will continue to play it because there’s still so much to do in it whether you start a new game or continue with an existing one.

A+ a hundred times if I could.


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