What I Know So Far, Apocalypse

I just love exploring new worlds in video games! There’s a time when I’m always excited to play again to learn more about the universe, characters, lore, etc. The last time I felt this way was with Dragon Age. Now, it’s happening with Darksiders.

I’ve been playing the trilogy at my own pace and not long ago I just defeated one of the Chosen: Tiamat. I guess I kind of over-prepared for that fight.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. I want to write this to share how I discovered the series and what I’ve pieced together of the Darksiders lore.

I was first drawn to the series on Steam. Sometimes it pops up on my discovery queue or I just stumble upon it myself when I’m doing searching of my own. What attracted me to it was all the monsters, demons, and angels, the hack and slash gameplay, and the fact that one of the Four Horsemen was female: Fury is her name. You know how I love to see more lead female protagonists in video games and there are some games I’ve discovered already that have incredible ones.

I was also drawn to the voices of certain characters like War, Vulgrim, Samael, and Death. Voice acting is such an underrated talent and whenever I go to a convention, if there’s a voice actor there that does a character I like, I go to meet them.

Now, when it comes to trying out new game series, I like to see if I can start at the beginning, especially if the stories in each game are connected, so then I turned to seeing what the first game was about. The trailer’s music and War himself was badass, so sometimes that’s enough to pique my interest. I bought the first two games while they were on sale and then the third later when it was. I only started playing the first game recently.


Onto the lore stuff. When I first started playing, the story was confusing me. There was something about balance, an apocalyptic war, the Destroyer, a council, and seven seals. Now that I’m engrossed, I’ve started to put those things together.

Angels and devils are always at war in these types of games! Unless of course a truce is made somehow. That’s the case here, eventually comes along the Charred Council (and they look like three Caves of Wonders where their eyes glow and lava flows through their mouths when they speak!) feared by both sides alike, they enforce a truce between Heaven and Hell. The Council also creates a brotherhood known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Death, Fury, and Strife, that act kind of like referees to keep the balance in place.

Eons later, the third kingdom appeared: humanity and with the truce still in place. It is believed that if the seventh seal is broken, war breaks out between both sides with humanity caught in the middle: this is the Apocalypse. When this happens, the four horsemen appear to settle everything. Am I right?

Well, something tells me that as I play through this series, that is not the case. The first game has opened to me under the notion that the demons are the victors, and only War showed up in the midst of chaos when the seventh seal was never broken and now he is being accused by the Charred Council of starting the Apocalypse. Now I’m helping him on the path of redemption to defeat the Destroyer, whatever that means.

These games seems to have a lot of religious elements to them and I’m sure I’ll see more of it as I continue playing. After defeating two bosses in the first game and playing for fifteen hours, I’m on a roll and really enjoying it, so there will definitely be a review here when I’m done the first game. (funny, I actually have two versions of the first game on my Steam account, the original and the remaster, but I’m playing the latter since it might run better)

I’m listening to Orden Ogan’s Vale album for the first time as I write this, and I don’t know why but it makes me think of these games despite their completely different themes!

Anyway, I can’t wait to figure out more in the story!

I should probably get back to playing as well. I defeated the second boss, the Griever and things are getting epic for my War. 😳





4 thoughts on “What I Know So Far, Apocalypse”

  1. Have been curious about this game, the title was always intriguing. As a Dragon Age aficionado that is high praise so definitely one I will pick up in the near future.

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