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His Dark Materials S1 E7 – The Fight to the Death

The Fight to the Death

We’re almost done, for now. I’m going to miss doing these every week!

This is another episode I was looking forward to, because we would get to see more armored bears!

I think I’m satisfied with what I saw.

Mrs. Coulter really needs to control her temper, like the past few episodes she’s got pretty enraged when she doesn’t get her way. But now, we know she is capable of violence too.

The plot around Boreal intensifies when he tries to get information from Elaine, and evidence points towards that her husband might still be alive. Where Will goes off on his own, we do not know yet.

Lyra on the other hand finds herself at Svalbard. Here, I thought this episode was going to equal perfection, but there were parts that made it not that.

What was the point of Lyra having a crazy cell mate? I thought that add was pointless to the story. He just sat there mumbling to himself but Lyra wanted him released anyway.

Then again, Lyra is shown to have a cunning side when she lies to King Iofur that she’s a daemon for Iorek and if he is defeated, she will transfer to Iofur. Iofur himself is frightening, especially when he threatens to feed her to Iorek if he discovers she’s lying

Let me just say I really like the design of the palace and the armor in this series, it looks so regal, even for bears. When Iorek arrives to fight, I was certain they were supposed to wear armor, but instead they fight without it and Iofur has war paint on his face. Although it shocked me when Iofur finds out the truth at the last minute but Iorek catches and kills him before anything else can happen. The latter isn’t shown on the screen.

It’s funny because this fight was a lot more brutal in the movie version: it took place in an open arena outside the palace with all the bears present. Both Iorek and the false king were in full armor and Iorek killed his opponent with his injured paw by whacking him across the face, that severed his lower jaw and then he bit him there afterwards that seemingly snapped his throat.

No matter, at least Iorek reclaimed his rightful place as king and that solidified his friendship with Lyra. He then calls her Lyra Silvertongue, he definitely cares for her a lot more than that douchebag Asriel, speaking of which.

When Lyra and Iorek meet up with Roger, who was in the middle of nowhere for some reason, they finally reach Asriel’s hideout close to a mountain peak where the aurora borealis form,  and she hopes to give him the alethiometer. But, before I get to that, let me just rant:

You know what, Asriel is a piece of shit, I never liked him the moment I met him in the movie, this series, and now the books which I started reading the first one yesterday since I got the trilogy for Christmas.

Like in the first episode and first chapter of the first book he nearly breaks Lyra’s arm when she saves him from drinking potentially poisoned wine and still wants to carry that out despite her willing to explain her actions. He also refuses to get her out of hot water if she were to be discovered in her hiding place during his presentation. Not to mention he puts her at such a great distance over all that he doesn’t treat her like a niece/daughter.

I get it, she was conceived between him and Marisa and with all the crap going on with the Magisterium believing Dust to be a sin and wanting to free children from it, and they see Asriel as a threat because he wants to discover Dust’s purpose and the existance of a Multiverse, you could say he is so distant from Lyra because it’s the “I do it to protect you” cliche. Bullshit. I feel like he never cared about her to begin with.

Okay, maybe I am being stubborn, but when Lyra and Roger finally enter the hideout, Asriel is upset that Lyra has come but suddenly calms down when he sees Roger. Like what the hell, you’re going to once again give your daughter a hard time but you’re happy to see her best friend? That is so strange, yet it also gives me a bad feeling because we haven’t seen Asriel since the first episode and he’s been engrossed in his work that he will stop at nothing to see if other worlds exist.

Given that we’ve just learned about a possible Multiverse, how the Magisterium sees Dust, and how children are unaffected by it until puberty, it all points towards what Asriel might try to do to achieve his goal. (I’ve actually already seen the finale as I write this, but my thoughts you will have to wait until next week to read them!)

Well, it looks like the Magisterium is going to track Asriel down, so we’ve got an epic finale on our hands with hopefully a lot of revelations. Stay tuned for next week.


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