Two Monsters in One City

It’s been exhausting at my first full week at my new job, but I love what I get to do.

When I got home last night, I read Lovecraft’s The Nameless City till quarter to eleven and could have sworn the story made me picture crawling through tunnels to a tomb that had paintings of either Dagon or the Ib of Sarnath. A bunch of other things follow after that that I cannot remember and would need to read it again.

Why is it that when I have dreams that center around me protecting the city as Dragon Master from my worst enemy, I have trouble remembering them?

This one I was flying over a city at night searching for Naga after reports had been sent to me that he was spotted and plotting something. I flew around searching for him and defeated several of his minions scavenging for stuff he needed.

When he appeared from the sky, I was hoping there would be a big battle, but instead the dream cut to me entering a ruined city during a downpour at night. One particular building looked quite eerie with its scaly walls. This was the exact same city, but so much time had passed since Naga had devastated it.

Once inside, I kept hearing strange chants in my head that I tried to ignore, but the deeper I went, the louder they became. Was I going insane? Soon, I spotted several figures with hoods covering their faces. They all held lanterns and were speaking the same chant I could hear in my head.

I hesitated to approach, but instead I secretly followed them from afar and was lead to a massive cavern that was nearly submerged. There was no telling how deep that pool was. The cultists put down their lanterns and raised their arms.

The water began to ripple and something massive rose out slowly. I hid behind the rock, keeping my transformation on hold until absolutely necessary. But, once I saw the creature’s face, I already knew that it was Cthulhu.

Is this my first time dreaming about Cthulhu? I think it is, because this definitely reminds me of his awakening in the book! The moment his head reached the cavern’s ceiling, his wings spread, and I found myself in a dilemma of whether to flee or fight.

And that’s last night’s dream, I think the last part was far more interesting. I guess that’s what happens when I read Lovecraft too late at night. What’s next? A dream about Dagon? Oh and Naga, next time you appear in my dreams, can you please actually do something? You’re supposed to be the Dragon Master’s worst enemy!



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