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His Dark Materials S1 E8 – Betrayal


This is it everyone, we’ve made it to the season finale. Whoever has been reading this, I hope you’ve been watching the series too because this review is going to contain a lot of spoilers just like the rest.

Well, I’m ready so how about you?

This finale answers a lot of questions I was left with from the previous episode. But before I get to that, I applaud Lyra for standing up to her father/uncle for how he’s always kept her at such a distance and for just being a jerk. She even uses her new given name from Iorek to prove her point since Iorek actually does care for her.

Roger on the other hand was asking the same question I was on how Asriel was so delighted to see him all of a sudden. He just wants to go back to his job at the kitchen in Jordan College, but that may not be what he’s meant to do.

Asriel eventually opens up to Lyra about what Dust is and what leads to a daemon settling when a child hits puberty: something about eating an apple, and the Magisterium once again believes it to be a sin: religious fanatics confirmed. They are feeling threatened that his research could reveal the truth; hence Mrs. Coulter has formed the G.O.B to abduct children to sever their daemons so they do not get “infected” by Dust. Dust is also connected to other worlds in the Multiverse, the one that Lord Boreal’s been seeking Will out in. Asriel wishes to discover these other worlds

Speaking Will, he’s still on the run, but now he’s the target. Lord Boreal hears from a priest that Will may be the key to obtaining some kind of knife at a summit, whatever that means. The second season should reveal more on that.

The Magisterium move in to close on Asriel and you’d find it silly that they need to bring a whole force to take out one man. Why not just simply hire an assassin? That would make it easier wouldn’t it? Oh and sure yeah Asriel finally tells Lyra the truth but he never apologizes for the way he’s treated her in the past, so I still don’t like him. Lyra believes she’s done her job but Asriel insists she keep the alethiometer, why am I not surprised? Then he abducts Roger and it doesn’t take long for Lyra to figure that out because Asriel once again hides things from her for her own protection cliche and Lyra is a master at finding the truth with or without the alethiometer.

When the forces arrive we get a nice bear battle and somehow King Iorek stayed outside the hideout the whole time like he was just sleeping there and carries Lyra as far as he can to the summit. When she hugs him before crossing the ice bridge, I almost cried, and finally I knew why Asriel was overjoyed to see Roger: he wanted to sacrifice him using his own intercision method to open a bridge to the Multiverse, that which he unfortunately succeeds at.

Poor Roger, Mrs. Coulter refuses to follow him and Lyra is devastated but chooses to find out what Dust is on her own without her father and to avenge her friend, thus she enters the bridge, and Will enters one on his end at the same time.

We don’t know where these two kids will be led, but not until another season. I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait, maybe this fall at the earliest I hope. But I love this series and now I’m reading the books, so that’ll keep me busy until season 2.

I really hope DVD box sets are made for each season because the entertainment industry appears to stop at nothing to make sure I am no longer able to own what I love to watch and listen to.

An epic season finale with lots of revelations: A+.


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