Sing Sweet Nightingale

I’m back.

I just worked 7 days in a row, and boy has it been busy, stressful, but rewarding.

I think what comes with being absent for a while is that when I finally return to doing something I love outside of work, it’s a lot more relieving and exciting. I normally try to blog if there’s something I want to work on between shifts when I’m not sleeping, but after the 5th shift, I couldn’t sleep and came home from yesterday’s shift too tired to do anything.

I get the next two days off and I’m eager to play some Darksiders since I just got War his horse Ruin back and we killed a giant worm, that worm that I spent half an hour last Sunday; the eve before my 7-day shift streak, very carefully crossing the sand to avoid getting eaten by it before reclaiming Ruin.

I never liked doing that in video games where you have to stay off the ground to not get eaten by the giant worm, but pushing myself to get through it was very rewarding! Though I’m much more used to getting eaten by the worm and then killing it from the inside.

Also, why do I have a sudden urge to watch Cinderella? I watch clips on YouTube and YouTube thinks it can brand it as kid’s content. (it all started with me trying to browse what to watch next and YouTube blocked the video’s ability to keep playing claiming kid’s stuff did not allow it) Vashedan, Disney movies and their princesses are not just for kids you pea-brained fuckers. Ah, well I guess I better decide which version to watch if I am to do that on one of the two days that I now have off.

I suppose I should start my time off with progress towards the Stygian!


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