Blogger Recognition Award + Nominees

So, this is what happens when I disappear due to being busy with work!

I’ve been nominated for many different blogger awards since I moved here to WordPress, some of them have been recurring but this one is brand spank and new for me.

I have been nominated by the lovely Megan who runs A Geeky Gal and she blogs about all sorts of things from geeky stuff everyone likes, fashion, musings, and she also has a YouTube channel. I think I owe it to her for helping me reach some more traffic on my own blog since I now have some more loyal readers than I did at my site’s previous home! I hope that one day my blog can grow as big as hers and I really enjoy reading all she has to offer! Thank you very much Megan.

Rules of this nomination

Thank the blogger who nominated you

Do a post to share your award

Summarize how your blog started

Give at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers

Nominate at least 15 other bloggers (let’s hope I have any that haven’t already been nominated!)

Inform each nominee via a link that you’ve nominated them

How Monsterlady’s Diary began

I was soul-searching for something on the Internet that I was meant to do. Blogging first started for me in my early teen years and went on and off as it goes. I officially started blogging in my first year of college, I was obsessed with music at that time and once I realized that writing was the best way I was able to communicate, that was when my blog was born. It originally started with me just blogging about my favourite bands, but overtime, I realized there were other things I enjoyed writing about. Therefore, I expanded my blog to include a wider range of niche topics of things I love. It went through several different names before “Monsterlady’s Diary” became the name of it today. It’s a name inspired by the frontman of my favourite band whom I idolize and inspired me to do this for myself. Now my blog is what you’re visiting now full of many different passions of mine and my honest and authentic style of writing. I get a little fangirlish sometimes depending on what I write about but I don’t care.

My advice for new bloggers

  1. You don’t have to stick to one topic. A trap that I think a lot of people fall into personally, is feeling they have to dedicate their blog to one thing and one thing only. But maybe that isn’t your style. Some days you might feel like writing about music, and other days you might feel like writing about video games, whatever it is you love. So why not combine those things? Did you know that composer Johan Sebastian Bach did so many different music styles other than his traditional work, because he needed extra coin to support his family? Well, if you really love to write, then you should think like Bach.
  2. When you start your blog, do it for YOU. I cannot stress this enough. A blog is your own place on the Internet where you can freely express yourself. Yes, a blog is about building your Internet fame in a way, but don’t feel like you have to make sacrifices in life or your style of writing to get more traffic. Are you enjoying your blog just the way it is? If the answer is yes than it’s only an extra if other readers like it for you. This might take you longer to grow your audience, but it should be about the quality of your audience, not the quantity.
  3. Blog When you can, but try to do it regularly. It can be difficult at first to make it a regular hobby to commit to. For several years, I tried to post something at least a few times a week, but whenever my professional responsibilities grew, there was less time for blogging. Life happens, so if you are unable to write a lot because your professional life or mental health is really taking a toll and you think you won’t be able to post anything for more than a week, let your followers know. You’ll be less likely to lose them and it creates a sense of understanding.

My Nominees

(This is always the hard part for me when it comes to doing these because the people I want to nominate have already been nominated, or they are not interested)

Alyssa Nerd Side of Life

Hannie The Hannie Corner

Louise The Dragonspire

Quibbles and Scribbles

Stace Welcome to my Life

Michelle A Geek Girl’s Guide

I know I know, it’s not 15 but still, you can only do your best.

Happy blogging everyone.


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