What Is a Girl to Do When She Wants a War?

Anybody could get the wrong impression by reading this and assuming I’m some kind of violent person. Well, that’s NOT the case, I believe in peace on Earth. If you’ve been following my blog recently, you know what my current obsession is.

It was just a normal day of casually browsing Facebook until an ad that actually appealed to me for a change popped up for some high-end action figure company that I had never heard of. I was not drawn to it until I saw a post on the site’s blog that they were going to be partnering with THQ Nordic to make Darksiders figures. Not like the figures I have where you can adjust them to your liking, but figures like statues. Those tend to be a lot more pricey than what I normally buy.

But, perhaps I’m willing to go for it considering the fact that DS is all I can think about these days when I’m not at work, and I’m enamored with War, the Red Rider of the Four Horsemen. There, I said it.

Oh yes, I defeated the Stygian when I got home last Sunday evening! The way I just rode around aiming for its mouth and then leaping off my horse only to let it swallow me as it burrows into the ground, blood spurts out and I emerge with its heart. Now THAT is a fight!

The only problem is that, there’s no release window yet, no estimate how much it’ll be (hopefully it won’t be over $500), and no word whether the figures will be permanent or limited edition. The latter will require me to act fast if I really want War on my shelf and I’m not exactly the type of buyer with tons of time on her hands who can sit at her computer until midnight for the release.

I did a little bit of research on how this company collects payments and you can choose how you want to pay, all at once or in little chunks. My only concern of course is with high-priced items they want to use good shipping, and you know what that means, you have to be home in order to provide signature and ID. If I’m not home, I don’t like to burden other people with it.

I’m sure it won’t be a big deal, I only have one big expense coming up that is work-related, and I could postpone any other expenses until afterwards that are not vital. Of course, I’ve also been looking at alternatives just in case. I found another figure of War on eBay that hasn’t been opened, but man, the seller didn’t do a good job posting the pictures cause I can barely see it within the box. Would be nice to see what it looks like so I know what I’m spending my money on.

Scratch that, I found pictures of that figure from eBay on another website and it does look pretty cool. It’s an Apocalypse Edition figure that came from the release of the third game. There are also figures of Death, Fury, and Vulgrim with it.

At least I know how much it is. I think the ones from this F4F company are likely to be more expensive once they are available considering all the quality they put into the other creations they have made so far, and according to their calendar, when a product is available for pre-order: it has to go through stages of being made which takes time before it actually ships and when it does, it’s one of those you have to be home to receive, signature and all.

I hate doing that because if I’m not home and there’s no option to provide my signature electronically in advance like FedEx allows you to, I don’t want to burden that on someone else. Over all, once there actually is a pre-order window, I may not get it until late 2020 or even early 2021.

Am I willing to wait that long, or is it better that I just go with something I already have access to where I already know the cost and possibly receive it sooner? Waiting for F4F to put something out that might possibly be the perfect image of War given what I’ve seen them do so far is reasonable, but also something I found that already exists and is almost perfect may be just as good enough right?

You might ask, why am I writing this here, well maybe I want to get some opinions. Should I wait, or just go with what I have? I’m not the most patient person in the world.

I just want my War. 💖


6 thoughts on “What Is a Girl to Do When She Wants a War?”

  1. If it brings you joy then go for it. Have had a similar conversation stream elsewhere in an era of digital releases and discless gamers how the gaming community is clinging to physical objects and items from titles to have some tangible bond. Sounds like a great figure.

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      1. I hope it turns up in good condition! purchasing figures outside of Japan is such a gamble and always relies on a bit of luck.

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      2. Same, as long as he can hold his sword! I could have just waited for F4F, but they might be too expensive. I think this affordable alternative will be worth it. 😊

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    1. And this is why I make my tea at home and I also don’t pay for any subscriptions such as beauty boxes or a streaming service 😉 I thought I was guilty at spending too much at Sephora but I cut back significantly, choosing to only spend my money there on skincare and find cheaper makeup alternatives. I’m a good saver. 😊

      Alright so you guys are telling me to go for it, well which one? I can’t tell.

      I did some more thinking in the last few days and weighed out the pros and cons and decided to go with the figure on eBay. It still looks amazing from reviews so I look forward to it arriving. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. ❤

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