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Crossovers Worth My Time?

Some TV shows are known for doing this where events in each of them overlap. While it can be exciting for some, for me it makes me wonder what the hell is going on because I only watch one of the two shows crossing over.

This appears to be quite common in the Shondaland, since the other day the third season of Station 19 premiered, but I had to also watch the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that came after it because it was a crossover event. That is something that has been happening a lot lately, after the second season concluded and it feels like I am missing a lot of information because I don’t watch the latter.

My mom has been watching GA for years so she knows the characters and I only know those from the fire department. I started watching Station 19 mainly for the calls the firefighters were dispatched to deal with. It reminded me of the time where I thought that was the profession I wanted to pursue when I was in 2nd grade. The additional romance and drama was a plus.

The last season I remember I was heartbroken when Fire Chief Ripley died, I had a crush on him at first sight and then the cop Ryan Tanner was relocating for some special training. Both of the guys I liked from the show were leaving because their characters were either dead or taking a break. Yes, out of all the things I watch, this is the only show that actually contains guys I think are attractive that are considered “normal-looking” compared to the rest of the fictional characters I fawn over.

Then Ben Warren was trying to get into Medic One, but his application was questioned after he had to amputate a victim’s hand against his wishes. Also, am I the only one here who wishes Dean stood his ground instead of giving into his mother’s wishes to matchmaking? It’s his life you know, if he’s happy in his career and is not interested in having another girlfriend after his breakup with JJ, that is none of his mom’s business. I hate those kinds of parents who pester their grown-up children to settle down into marriage and parenthood when their own kid is already happy being single or dating someone without the legal binding.

But this is Shondaland we are talking about, a show where romance is the staple feature and is stressed significantly by the fans and in the plot. At least, that’s what I think it is.

According to my mom, there have been episodes in GA where the characters of Station 19 would make appearances and there would end up being details that I missed like Vic finding another man, Miranda having a miscarriage, and Dean breaking up with Nikki.

It’s almost like CTV WANTS me to watch GA in order to understand what’s happening. But I don’t want to force myself to watch an extra TV show in order to keep up with the one I’m already watching.

I think a lot of fans are displeased with this. Sure, crossovers can be cool, but if they keep occuring to a point where you miss out on details of your show because they were in another, that’s not good, especially if the other show does not interest you.

I already watch one medical drama. One is enough right now. But it is likely this will continue to happen until one of the series concludes.

I was going to add a GIF but I think I’ve said enough already. Time to get ready for work tomorrow.


1 thought on “Crossovers Worth My Time?”

  1. Can relate, I’ve satellite watched the most reason seasons of GA as my better half is an avid fan so can just about understand and keep up but when the characters from station 19 turned up and the focus shifted to them…didn’t have a clue. I miss the 90s and the ‘event’ crossovers of Buffy and Angel that would have minimal impact on the story and all would be well. Random tangent 🙂

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