Music and Bands

Honey I am a Free Warrior of the Night and Dark – Music of February 2020

It's a Leap Year! How often do these things occur anyway? My social media memories are all screwed up because of this. Instagram thinks it's March 1st when it really isn't. On with the music shall we? Lordi - Like A Bee To The Honey This, time Lordi's gone the experimental route again. This… Continue reading Honey I am a Free Warrior of the Night and Dark – Music of February 2020


My Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to makeup, one of the prettiest, and sometimes most expensive parts of my vanity are the eyeshadow palettes. I try not to have too many of those, but there's eventually going to be a time where I succumb to a pretty palette and just have to add it to my vanity. I've… Continue reading My Eyeshadow Palettes


Love Your Backlog – Can I Clear It?

Well well, another trend sweeping my niche! I usually get to these at my own pace and my own time rather than when everyone else does it. Seeing Kim's post and a few others about their backlogs, how about I join the fun? Backlogs remind me of Steam's Spring Cleaning event where they encourage you… Continue reading Love Your Backlog – Can I Clear It?


Darksiders Warmastered Edition – The Unbroken 7th Seal

At last, I have completed my first journey with one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and I couldn't be more satisfied. This journey all started with the revamped edition of the first Darksiders game. I was drawn to play this series starting with this one when I saw a trailer with epic music… Continue reading Darksiders Warmastered Edition – The Unbroken 7th Seal


The Red Horseman Rides Home

Well, I guess I didn't really do much thinking for very long! Whenever I want to buy an action figure of a character I love, I like to pick something that looks nice but is also affordable. I was originally going to wait for a high-quality company to put something out, but then I changed… Continue reading The Red Horseman Rides Home


My Favourite Cinderella Adaptations

Cinderella is one of those classic fairy tales that has been remade time and time again. It's one of my favourite stories that I never get tired of reading or watching about, no matter what version it is. So, we all know the original 1950 one from Disney. While that Cinderella will always remain a… Continue reading My Favourite Cinderella Adaptations