Lords and Doors

Ever had one of those dreams where you’re trying to get out of a building and when you open one door, another appears? That happened so many times last night.

This dream also had a bunch of Easter eggs in it like I was walking through this park alongside of a vast lake. On the horizon I could see the city of Theed and its great palace and people nearby were chatting about witchcraft and wizardry like it was something everyone practiced.

I was just on patrol making sure there was no trouble afoot and I must have wandered too far and found a dead unicorn at the foot of a tree. I could of sworn I saw something crouched over it? Sound familiar? The figure then stood up and vanished leaving the unicorn corpse alone.

Someone approached me and said that I needed to stop Lord Voldemort from slaying such a creature like that again. Um, really, when I enter my dreams, I become the Dragon Master, not Harry Potter’s female doppelganger. The former has never been affiliated with unicorns since I built this fantasy identity of mine.

Well, if you want me to help stop Voldemort, as long as there’s something in for me? The person said I needed to get to the lair across the lake. I transformed and began flying but then the entire place around me change to a tight obstacle course with doors and windows I had to get through to reach the open lake and fly across.

Every time I opened one door, another one was right after it again and again. I was beginning to think I would never reach the lake. Even after the obstacle course seemed to end, I was then in a large house and the front windows were overlooking the lake. Once again, each time I opened the window, there was another right after it. I think I must of woken up the moment I opened the last window.

I don’t know what this means, but it was definitely interesting for it to contain references from series I’ve grown up with.


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