My Eyeshadow Palettes

When it comes to makeup, one of the prettiest, and sometimes most expensive parts of my vanity are the eyeshadow palettes.

I try not to have too many of those, but there’s eventually going to be a time where I succumb to a pretty palette and just have to add it to my vanity.

I’ve added palettes and I’ve sometimes removed some before I could hit pan on any shades because I found myself not using them as often as I thought, but this is my current collection. I’m currently on a budget so I would like to use them up before I think about adding any more.

Which one do you find the cutest?

The first is Milani Pure Passion. I don’t know if they still plan on making this one. The last time I saw it on the website, it had dropped in price which gives me a feeling it’s going to be discontinued.

It’s a great every day palette and I’m definitely going to hit pan on it first.

That lovely pink heart is Lancôme’s limited edition 12 Shades of Love palette inspired by their Monsieur Big mascara, which I swear by. I feel like I bought it impulsively but it was worth it as I love the shades so much that I want it to last.

I like how they divide the shades into groups to create 3 signature looks to get you start and it is definitely my favorite. I wish Lancôme made it permanent.

The Too Faced palette is from the limited edition Let it Snow Girl! holiday 2019 set. After using the set for a couple of months now, I like the eyeshadows the most, it’s a good palette for days/nights where I want some more glitter or cooler shades. Too Faced has so many pretty palettes!

Finally, there’s the NYX Mystic Petals palette that was released with the brand’s Halloween 2019 collection; however, it appears to be a permanent product. I don’t reach for this one as often and I feel like I should.

I hope to someday get another Too Faced palette or even save up for one of those overpriced Natasha Denona palettes. Apparently, she released and Love palette that looks so pretty, I hope it doesn’t climb to too high a price for me!

My favourite out of these four is tbe 12 Shades of Love palette. Can’t go wrong with a heart-shaped palette and the pretty pink shades as well as the dark and shimmery ones!

I wear my makeup to work as often as I can, unless I’m scheduled to work in a sterile environment where makeup is not allowed.

What are your favourite palettes or palettes you’re eager to try?


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