What Dimension Is This?

I wish these vivid dreams would not end so abruptly with me being awakened startled by some noise that never occurred.

I struggled to put the pieces together of this one, and there was something about alternate worlds, almost like it was meant to be some kind of book series about two knights in love: my character and one named Absolom. There would always be a moment before entering a portal my character would try to show her love for him.

There were three different worlds. One involved changing staircases, then portals, and then pneumatic tubes. Of course, the latter reminds me of work since there we use those tubes for some med deliveries!

I swear there was a time that I managed to kiss this Absolom character before heading to the tube world. But the portal world I remember most fondly.

Instantly it gave me flashbacks of the tower in the first Darksiders with all those portal puzzles to traverse the place and free Azrael. I must have become War himself in this part because I was standing on this platform overlooking a castle surrounded by a storm and other moving platforms with those mirrors that I could make the portals on. I heard Straga’s voice taunting me like:

Straga will destroy you! Straga knows you weak and you will never reach Straga!”

I kept trying to make a portal from the moving platform across from me and kept failing until something must have teleported me to the other side and I heard Vulgrim whisper something to me as I walked through the doorway towards where Straga would have been. Then I was suddenly woken up by two loud booms that I thought were coming from the roof, but my dad said there was nothing on the roof. I don’t get it.

Oh well, it’s a nice and warm outside for a change so I should get out and do something. I’ve been updating my Instagram story non-stop yesterday because I FINALLY have access to the music sticker! I’ve waited almost two years to use it and was sick and tired of unable to hear the music on other people’s stories. Apparently it became available last Wednesday but I was too busy with work to notice.

That’s today’s dream for now, see you on the thread.


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