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Honey I am a Free Warrior of the Night and Dark – Music of February 2020

It’s a Leap Year! How often do these things occur anyway?

My social media memories are all screwed up because of this. Instagram thinks it’s March 1st when it really isn’t.

On with the music shall we?

Lordi – Like A Bee To The Honey

This, time Lordi’s gone the experimental route again. This is the softest song on their new album but my favorite nevertheless.

My friend teases me that this is what Mr. Lordi should sing to me. Trust me, I can picture that vividly; way more than the comic that takes place in the background of the lyrics in this video!

Lordi’s experimented with different styles before, but it doesn’t always go in a way that I love it. More on that later.

AG feat. Nilu – We’ll Be Free

If a song can make me cry, then I love it. There’s always those drama TV shows that focus on certain professions and they like to insert songs like these to make it even more dramatic. Station 19 does that and none of the songs pierced my heart until last night.

There was an episode where during a blizzard, Travis takes a call from a woman with dementia who is snowed in from a car crash slowly freezing to death. The rescue team fails to locate her and she is unable to alert them due to her car horn being frozen solid. Travis realizes there is nothing more he can do, so he stays on the line pretending to be her son who forgives her before she dies of hypothermia.

This song plays during her final moments. I was really hoping she was going to be rescued and cried along with Travis when he could no longer hear her on the other line.

Disturbed – Warrior

I’m currently working on a review of this album and this is the last song I listened to. I like to listen to each song and write out my thoughts so that it’s fresh in my mind. This is one that I feel like I missed that sounds quite good.

Agnes – When the Night Falls

Wait, I still haven’t used this song in these posts like this!? Well, now’s a good time! I discovered this artist when I learned that Mr. Lordi has written some of her songs (not this one though). There are other artists with the name Agnes, but she is one that gets forgotten.

When I first listened to this song, I was impressed with how amazing she sounded despite her voice being deeper and not as feminine. 7 years later, I really love this song now.

I wrote my own version of it called When the Sun Sets, with similar lyrics that describe my feelings of the time I first saw my idol [Mr. Lordi] on stage with my own eyes rather than through the screen of my computer that reminded me how much I love him, and the song itself makes me think of just that.

Mike Reagan and Chris Velasco – Darksiders Theme

Of course, everyone saw this coming. Have to put this theme in here because I completed the first Darksiders game this month. That was my biggest highlight since I took a chance to try something new and I loved it.

Seriously, where has this franchise been all my life? Ultra-cool looking characters with badass voices, epic soundtrack, my favourite type of video game combat, demons, monsters, angels, and stories of legend ah it’s too much!

I never heard this theme until I found it on YouTube, because every time I started the game up to play, I went straight to it rather than listening to what’s playing on the main menu. This theme definitely sounds apocalyptic! I’ve started the second game and am loving Death’s voice.

There’s also this amazing music from the teaser of the first game that I really wish was part of the OST.

That’s it for now, I am debating whether to do some more gaming tonight or watch a movie.


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  1. I have to admit I’m annoyed because I actually had a game review planned for leap day, but technical difficulties made that goal impossible. Then again, given that some sites didn’t update accordingly, maybe I dodged a bullet?

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