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Miss the Union of Roxanne’s Angels Show – Music of March 2020

The entire world is in a panic mode and here I am, a person with GAD who is in no panic at all and has retreated to her little happy place that consists of well, whatever makes me happy! Want to know why? Because the people stuck at home and stay there, have nothing to… Continue reading Miss the Union of Roxanne’s Angels Show – Music of March 2020


Yes, I Still Play My 3DS

Nintendo, the platforms I grew up with, it's always changing and I found myself following that change out of desperation in the past to play something new. When I decided a couple of years ago to start doing more PC gaming, I realized the major flaw in console gaming was an attempt to get me… Continue reading Yes, I Still Play My 3DS


The Super Happy Love Award

Well, look at this, another nomination and this time something totally new! Now we're talking. Michelle at A Geek Girl's Guide nominated me for this award. This is going to be fun to write because I love gushing about the things I love! Rules: Thank the person who tagged you, thank you so much Michelle!… Continue reading The Super Happy Love Award


Frozen II – The Magic of Nature Second Is The Best

I decided to wait until the hype had died down before finally watching this sequel. Frozen is the latest most popular Disney film franchise that gets over-marketed, but I love it nonetheless, even if the first film has significant plot holes. This sequel definitely answered many of my questions by its end, but it also… Continue reading Frozen II – The Magic of Nature Second Is The Best


Dragons of Rovaniemi

This is a two part dream and it feels super relieving to have this at the end of a workweek after having very bland or no dreams at all. In this dream, I was in Finland. Yes, Finland, you should know by now that it's a place I've always wanted to visit. Somehow, I already… Continue reading Dragons of Rovaniemi


How My Days of Binge Watching Ended

We now live in a society where the norm is to spend your spare time binge watching your favourite series. The most common subject I see my friends and coworkers discussing is what they're currently watching, or their latest binge session where they watched more than 5 episodes of something in one night. Thanks to… Continue reading How My Days of Binge Watching Ended


Flower – Mother Nature’s Victory

Hello and welcome to another game review! Well actually, welcome to my first game review that is not about a story-rich game. This means there will be a different way that I'll have to write this. Flower is a game just as the title says it is, you simply take control of the wind and… Continue reading Flower – Mother Nature’s Victory


Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With

I should really start to jump on some trends my fellow bloggers are writing about. It could really help my fanbase grow. This topic was one I found through Jennifer who runs her blog The Nerd Mom. She's a stay-at-home mom who writes a lot of geeky stuff like me so please feel free to… Continue reading Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With