Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With

I should really start to jump on some trends my fellow bloggers are writing about. It could really help my fanbase grow.

This topic was one I found through Jennifer who runs her blog The Nerd Mom. She’s a stay-at-home mom who writes a lot of geeky stuff like me so please feel free to check her out.

There are so many fictional characters topics to write about. I even started my own tag for it. I’ve always wanted to write a post about the fictional characters that I would like to date in general, but that would be a very long post because there are so many characters I wish I could date and now I have to add War to the list!

Not all of those nights would involve drinks, but I’d have one of these if there will be any drinks

Anyway, here are the fictional characters I’d invite to a night out with (or a night in!), whether I have a crush on them or see them as just a friend.

Garrus Vakarian

I’ll start with my space hubby. Garrus may be awkward where he has a challenge with how to make a good impression, especially if he was my boyfriend.

Perhaps if we started with a drink or two and then he can pull me onto the dance floor at any time! Unlike Shepard, I’ll gladly oblige to a good waltz or tango after I’ve had my vodka.

It could be at the Citadel’s casino or some grand ball on a luxurious space cruiser. Nothing like dancing the night away with my sweet turian.


If I really needed to have a girl’s night out with a character I could really vent to and knows what I go through due to being the same species, it would definitely be Leliana. She’s come a long way from a bard to being left hand of Divine Justinia V, or to becoming Divine herself depending on the choices the Inquisitor makes. (she makes a really good Divine in my opinion)

Aside from that, she’s shown to have a fun side where she loves shoes so she’d make the perfect night-out companion for some girl talk. We could talk about our latest shopping hauls, fashion trends, or watch a chick flick or two.

Nailmaster Mato

Another bug! Well what can I say, Hollow Knight has so many charming NPCs and Nailmaster Mato is no exception. I was originally going to put in Quirrel but I’ve used him before, so I’m going to go with another character I consider a friend.

Mato, is my favourite out of the three Nailmasters. He’s not the most skilled, but he is the most friendly and that makes him perfect to hang out with. I love how eager he is to pass on his skills to a new generation.

What would we do together? Well, he could teach me how to wield a nail and we could also just meditate together, you know? Everyone needs a to have a night of relaxation once in a while of just focusing the mind.


Abigail is one of my best friends in Stardew Valley and I can relate to her so much. She’s different, like me and wants to follow her own path in life. A night out for us could include some spelunking in the mines looking for treasure and slaying monsters.

Something I’ll need from her when I need some girl time away from my husband Elliott and our two kids on the farm!

Susan Ashworth

The Cat Lady - Susan Ashworth | Steam Trading Cards Wiki ...

One of those characters who always gets misunderstood by the neighbors, yet I am someone who understands Susan completely. She’s had a difficult life from losing her husband and her daughter plus the neighbors thinking she’s crazy and calling her names just because she plays the piano to bring cats to her apartment in the evening.

Meanwhile, nobody complains about the noise Joe Davis makes which is far louder than Susan’s piano. (Mental note: write that Downfall review before I pick up Lorelai)

Time with Susan would be more like a night-in. We can bond over pancakes and talk about our daily mental health struggles. She could introduce me to her feline friends, especially Teacup.

I love so many fictional characters both romantically and as friends that writing posts like these would be incredibly long! Some other characters I thought about adding to this post, I never did because the Internet doesn’t have enough pictures of them, like Pohatu.

What fictional characters would you do a night out or in with?