Flower – Mother Nature’s Victory

Hello and welcome to another game review! Well actually, welcome to my first game review that is not about a story-rich game.

This means there will be a different way that I’ll have to write this.

Flower is a game just as the title says it is, you simply take control of the wind and gather the petals to make other flowers bloom. Once you have made enough flowers do so, the environment changes. In a way, I think it heals things like dead grass and eliminates the threat of downed power lines that could damage the plants nearby.

You can find secret flowers in each level and unlocking all of them seems to reveal some sort of lore, which I have yet to discover. But, each level works in the form of a dream.

Each level has its own unique obstacle or feature that makes it charming. For instance, my favourite level is the one with the pink flowers and windmills. Once the windmills start up again, you can move up and hitch a ride!

The hardest level involved a lot of electricity that can damage your little breeze of petals. I’m still trying to figure out how to get that achievement without getting zapped once.

There seems to be a subtle plot in this game and to me, it’s restoring the beauty in the world that has become damaged or destroyed by our doing. Like when the game takes a darker turn towards the end of nighttime level that’s when you see all the damage start to manifest.

Eventually, harnessing the power of nature, the city is restored replacing that ugly structure with a beautiful tree.

What a sight to behold, this game makes me think of how much the world is suffering from pollution and harmful greenhouse gases which I believe to be the main source of our pending change in climate. Global warming and all that jazz are things we need to be taking action at. Thanks Greta.

Imagine if we had all those windmills, it would be a much greener way to have electricity. It also shows that even if we were to become extinct after all the damage we’ve done, Mother Nature always prevails in the end.

Sorry, got a little too political there! Anyway, some last minute praises for this game: beautiful soundtrack and I love how each flower emits a little music note when it blooms. Lovely graphics and atmosphere, makes me feel calm and at peace.

This game is so relaxing that I find it to be an alternate form of meditation. It just cleanses my anxiety.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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