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Asylum – Greatest of Disturbed

I’m going to try to do these more often from my physical music collection and if it becomes regular, then I might expand it to my digital collection as well. So here’s another one from a band I used to listen to a lot in my late teen years.


A rather eerie intro to this album and once the riff starts to kick in, you can tell it’s like not just an intro track to the album itself, but also like an intro to the upcoming title track. I’ve heard many good intros to metal albums the past several years, this one serves as a decent one but not my absolute favourite.


Quite a coincidence that I’m writing this now because this is actually the very first Disturbed song I’ve listened to. I saw the music video and thought it was disturbing how David was dying in brutal different ways and then it resets where he wakes up again like he is in a time loop.

The song itself has a great riff, especially the bass at the beginning. I wonder what the mention of destroyer meant at the bridge. It sounds like it actually is about being trapped in an asylum and you want to escape, but it could also signify about feeling trapped in the past of something or someone that you can’t let go. This was a message I came across more than once when listening to this album for the first time.

The Infection

Don’t you dare leave any comments about COVID-19 upon seeing the title of this song! It actually it has a cool fast intro, it’s one of those songs that I end up missing at first and realize it’s better than I think. It’s something that I need to listen to more often and it makes me wonder what it sounds like live. I have never seen Disturbed live, but this song makes me want to.


Why does this sound so similar to Indestructible? Oh wait, it really does! This one really had to grow on me because the way the verses go, isn’t really my style. But I actually like the chorus. It’s not the most epic thing I’ve ever heard from this album (that’ll be a little later), it’s one of those songs that is just, okay.

Another Way To Die

I love the transition this song takes from like a slow ballad to a fast-paced beat. Why does it remind me of an apocalypse? I think it’s catchy and like a battle theme that could be used in a video game or a movie about a worldwide plague or a war. It could be shown from the perspective of the civilians caught in the middle struggling to survive as they begin to starve.

Never Again

This is something I’d want to listen to after making a mistake or trying something new and then finding out that it was not for me. I listened to this and the first thing I thought about was when I wanted to try League of Legends, I was immediately thrown into an online match and as I tried to learn how to play, I was met with hostile messages that I can’t even fathom.

I pulled out, never again did I want to touch it or any MMO games. The last thing I wanted was to feel unwelcome. I don’t like gaming communities that treat new players like crap and call them noobs and stuff. Talk about purposely trying to drive them away! Another reason why I like to play alone. Now that I think of it, I actually like this song now. All it takes is for to bring up some memories, even if they are not the most pleasant ones.

The Animal

This is such an epic song. The beat, riff, and chorus are nearly perfect from what I expect from Disturbed. It’s just hit me in the face, you know?

It’s probably not popular enough to be played live but it’s good enough in my books for me to want it to.


My God, this song is so sad but beautiful and I knew I was going to like it the moment it began. The song reminded me of times when I was having trouble moving on in life after going through something painful like when I lost my previous job or when I was locked out of class during the faculty strikes.

It was like I had been nailed to a cross and couldn’t move on. Aside from that, I still love this song and it’s my favourite on this album. When I’m not going through some grievous event, I enjoy this song and singing it.


I forgot how good this song was! That intro is really good and it appears to be one that I could sing easily how clear it sounds.

It’s one of those songs that might make you want to wave your arms in the air if you hear it at one of the band’s concerts. Is it popular enough for that? I’m so glad I’m listening to it again. It reminds me of the time I was a serious Disturbed listener back in my senior year of high school. Those were the days.

My Child

I already figured out the title of this song the moment it started with a baby crying in the beginning. It sounds so tragic but it never really appealed to me.

I think the story behind this is, say you never saw yourself as a parent, but then some unexpected circumstances lead to you becoming one. It’s like the look in your eyes you get when you see the child for the first time and realize it’s yours.

Don’t know if that’s the meaning for sure, but it might be pretty close.


I was expecting this song to have a darker tone, but it sounds more like something with a power metal edge. It’s decent but nothing special.

Something that I overlooked and the only good part of it that I found was the pre-chorus part. Now that was darker.


Oh, now there’s a dark sound I was expecting for from the predecessor. I always thought that a song with this title was going to be more like a ballad but not this time.

Talk about defying stereotypes, this one is actually catchy now that I listen to it again after a long time. That’s why I like doing these reviews once I force myself to sit down and listen through the album again. I end up picking up songs that I never thought I liked before. I want to belt out the chorus now.

Over all, this album is really good, I like more songs on it than I thought, it’s the first album I bought by this band. Even though I don’t listen to them a lot anymore, this one brings back all the memories of the times when I did.



4 thoughts on “Asylum – Greatest of Disturbed”

  1. Oh man, it’s been years since I’ve listened to this album but I’m going to have to put it on now! Isn’t it crazy how different songs can grow on you after not listening to an album for a while? I remember not being a huge fan of Innocence but maybe this listen-through I’ll end up liking it like you did. Can’t wait to read more of these reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m starting to do these reviews more often and my method is listening through each song again before I write so that my thoughts are fresh in my mind, and that’s how I find myself rediscovering good songs I overlooked 😄


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