Dragons of Rovaniemi

This is a two part dream and it feels super relieving to have this at the end of a workweek after having very bland or no dreams at all.

In this dream, I was in Finland. Yes, Finland, you should know by now that it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Somehow, I already knew that I was there as soon as I heard people talking even though I don’t speak enough Finnish; I only know a few words.

I could already tell the city was Rovaniemi due to just the layout of the place. Never saw the Lordi Square, but I still know due to looking at street views on Google maps! It’s Mr. Lordi’s hometown, but I was enjoying the sights, not lurking around trying to find him!

I went into a building that looked like a clinic. There was a waiting room and several other rooms that I assumed were for patients getting their checkups. Then there were some other rooms containing exercise equipment, so was it a rehab or physiotherapy clinic? I heard different Finnish voices all around me but none of them were worth answering.

The halls would twist and turn and go up and down with staircases like the ones that change frequently in Hogwarts, and I’m not surprised since I did watch some Harry Potter a few nights ago.

The dream then cut to a large crowd in the middle of a gym. It was too dark that I couldn’t see anybody and then I finally heard the voice I wanted to hear, right next to me. But before I could turn to try and see or guess who it was, the dream changed its course completely.

Rovaniemi was empty and the sky was all colourful like our world had merged with Vestroia. I had already taken my Dragon Master form and had called upon my allies to stop Naga from wrecking the city. Naga and his forces had locked themselves inside a force field surrounding the condos downtown. None of us were able to break it and we had tried for hours. My Draco Meteor attack did nothing, Paarthurnax called upon several other dragons to help. Even Dialga and Palkia’s combined forces led to no avail.

We were just about to give up until suddenly a dark vortex appeared in the sky and out came Giratina. I flew over the force field and begged him to help us. Giratina gave a low growl that sounded affectionate and flew down towards the shield and suddenly vanished.

Remember the first time you faced him in that cave at the fourth lake and he suddenly vanished? Well, the other dragons were clearly shocked to see that, except me, I knew what Giratina was capable of.

After a moment of silence, there was a massive explosion of shadows, Giratina emerged out of the darkness, and the force field had been obliterated. As Giratina flew back up to us, I soared across the destruction to thank him and then I threw my arms around his neck. He gave a softer growl and closed his eyes upon my touch. Then we descended to face Naga and his incoming minions.

What a way to end the week.


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