Gates of Hell

Makes you want to sing Primo Victoria right? This is the strangest dream I have had all week, and I think it comes from the multiple things I’m doing when I’m not at work: playing three different games on my computer, Omega Ruby and AC New Leaf on my 3DS, and pondering which movie to watch next the next time I want to do a movie night, and hoping to get that Harry Potter marathon back on track.

The first part of this dream involved myself along with Lucario and several other Pokemon on top of a ship orbiting Earth’s most outer atmosphere, battling some sort of vicious star-changing monster that kept trying to eat us. Its weakness was in its mouth so I kept spitting fireballs while Lucario was shooting aura spheres as the star monster kept changing colour and roaring.

The other part of this dream involved me in my Dragon Master self hoping to free a large black dragon chained up in an ice dungeon. I had snuck up to the upper level trying to search for a key or switch to release it. The room was a lot like the facility in Mass Effect 2 where you recruit Grunt.

Suddenly, I encountered Umbridge who demanded I lower my blade gauntlets saying it was “a violation of manners in someone’s home” I ignited them with the blades crossing and demanded she release the dragon. Just like the time Death crosses his scythes ordering the Crow Father to open the portal to the Tree of Life. But instead Umbridge flicked her wand and a trap door opened below me and I plummeted in the dungeon facing the dragon.

The dragon roared and I could see the magic chain around its neck. I ran towards it dodging the flames and its swinging tail, only to wake up at 6am this morning. But then, I remembered I’m not going to work until noon today.

It’s nice to squeeze this in, I’ve almost cleared my backlog of articles, two are list articles and one is a game update. Look forward to that and have a good day.


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