Back To Hallownest

I told you I’d never been done with Hollow Knight!

While I continue to wait impatiently for some news of Silksong, I have gone back to the original gem to complete tasks that were on my to-do list and have discovered new lore on the way.

The first thing I remembered that made me decide to return was that after I got the first ending, I eventually conquered the White Palace with some patience, Hiveblood, and Grubsong which led to me to get the second ending. But, I realized there was still much more to do.

Took the journey to bring a delicate flower to the grave of the Traitor Lord’s daughter, also the Grey Mourner’s lover. A daunting task that I had to do practice runs on, especially at the last bit just before the grave stone.

But, I found that enemies don’t respawn unless you sit at a bench, except for the little guys so, that was my strategy. I’m sure there’s other players who do it like that too.

Another Dream Boss defeated. Apparently in life, the Soul Master conducted these experiments in hopes of defeating the infection for good. All those slimy creatures are the results of failed experiments and he regrets nothing.

This gave me enough essence to speak to Seer once last time where she cried out to the Radiance before passing. She was the last of her kind and clearly had some connection to the Radiance but not like the others.

Speaking of the Radiance:

The mastermind behind the infection who’s been controlling the Hollow Knight, and all the other undead bosses we faced. The Radiance wants nothing more than to regain control of what she’s lost and what better way to do so than spreading a plague?

My first attempt, she destroyed me and I didn’t even know if I was actually dealing any damage to her at all. I have yet to try again, this is a milestone for me as a gamer now.

There’s a YouTuber out there who does guides for each boss in the game and he’s helped me a lot in defeating Broken Vessel/Lost Kin, Mantis Lords, and Watcher Knight, so now I’m turning to him again for the Radiance. Perhaps I should go all tank for this fight and spam my Abyssal Shriek spell!

I have also started the Godmaster content, but I’ve only done some basic fights so far. I think I would like to defeat the Radiance first before I begin any of the Pantheons.

Then there’s Trial of a Fool where I’m trying to find the right charm combos.

At least I have this game to kill time with until Silksong is out right?


2 thoughts on “Back To Hallownest”

    1. It’s a masterpiece; challenging but rewarding, great characters, great soundtrack, immense lore, I could go on for hours.


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