Monster Tight Doors Block (Almost) Everything

After working for eight consecutive days, the good dreams don’t start to come until I catch up on my sleep. The one on the night before my last shift was strange, but when I went to sleep last night knowing today is my day off, I was pleased that my brain picked something so vivid and full of iconic stuff that I love.

In this dream, I was travelling as Dragon Master with several characters I love: Thel ‘Vadam, Worf, Khybon, and the Four Horsemen: War, Death, Fury, and Strife.

Thel was driving a wraith, the Horsemen were on their horses, the rest were on foot while I was flying above. We were walking through a rocky landscape which first made me think of the wastelands in the movie Dinosaur where the herd is searching for water and the nesting grounds.

Khybon used one of his inventions to send out scouts to track for any followers. We were headed for a cave which would serve as a new base of operations for currently unknown purposes. The base would have two large metal doors that would be strong enough to keep any of Naga’s followers, any sort of monsters, and possibly Naga himself from breaching the base. The two doors would operate on a timer, should any returning allies have a pursuer, they would have to be opened at the right time in order to succeed in blocking the enemy.

I saw this as not a very good approach, and it was my responsibility to ensure it was effective, otherwise it would have to be adjusted or changed. The base had not been built yet, but the cave was already emptied out (or so I thought) so construction could begin. I was travelling with allies in case we were met with resistance that I would not be able to handle myself, and I had never been in this wasteland before.

Towards dusk, one of Khybon’s scouts reported that some prehistoric creatures had been sighted nearby and had picked up our scent. At that time we had exited the open space and were making our way through a large canyon towards the cave.

When Fury heard of the report, she got her whip spinning saying she was eager to look for a fight. I landed and told Death to talk some sense into his sister, since he seems to be the most mature of the Horsemen while I haven’t even got to the third game yet, but I can tell that Fury might be the most rebellious! (though I could be wrong once I start the game but still) Then I caught War looking at me again with awe every time I spoke. He hadn’t said a word since we first set out.

As we neared the cave, there was the sound of roaring echoing from behind. Thel fired a few mortar rounds from the wraith in hopes of slowing down or killing whatever pursued us. This is the part that reminds me of Dinosaur even more, as the herd is unaware that two carnotaurus are following their trail. Those who got left behind were the most vulnerable to being found. Strife suggested he and his siblings ride to the higher ground and look to see our pursuer, he even suggested I come along as well, but I refused and said that if we stopped at any time, we were at risk of them or it catching up to us. So we kept moving.

Occasionally, Thel would fire more wraith rounds but the noises got louder so we had no choice but to turn and fight. Now, I can’t remember what monsters came first in this part of the dream, but they were not large. They could have been demons of minion class but we summoned all of our powers to defeat them until we had to fall back.

Eventually, we made it to the new doors meant to be impenetrable. I had never tested them myself since I was not completely on par with the idea. I hit the switch hoping that it would do the right thing. Nothing happened at first as the sound of footsteps was heard, this time not coming from an army, but from something on its own, something large and loud. Sound familiar? Well, unfortunately there’s no rippling puddles nearby.

The door still did not budge, Worf pulled out his weapon again, Khybon got his drill and gun ready. But just before anything could emerge, the door opened and we all rushed inside. The metal corridor led to another door which worked the same way. I kept ramming at the button until it opened, not paying attention to my six since Thel in his wraith was blocking it, which would hopefully be enough.

Once we were completely inside, the cave was empty except for a few small creatures like scarabs and vengeflies. We cleared them out and once again none of us paid attention to the secondary door if it was sealed properly. War and I were eventually side by side surrounded by the bugs. He grabbed flies and ripped them in half while I slashed at the scarabs. We were eventually torn apart from each other by the larger creatures in the cave and struggled to get back to each other’s side.

When the cave was cleared, War staggered with his sword, I shouted for him and rushed over to him, breaking his fall. He looked at me with his bright eyes and I hushed him before he could say anything and told him that I loved him. War did not respond, he dropped his sword and clasped his right arm around my waist, pulling me against his chest. He started kissing my cheeks, forehead, and neck frantically as I steadied his larger left hand to hold mine gently. He paused to look at me, his face still looking stern until he began panting unable to resist anymore, then he pulled me in again, this time his lips were on mine.

Strife and Fury were snickering in the corner as we kissed, until Death gave Strife a punch on the arm to shut them up. When we moved apart, Thel gave a nod of blessing, but our new found love was short lived when we turned to see that the safe doors had not closed completely and a large carnotaurus had entered, growling with hunger. That was what had been following us through the canyon all along.

I nodded to the others in silence and we all ignited our weapons to face the monster.

Then, I woke up shortly afterward before the fight could begin. I still wonder inside what flaw in those doors made them fail to work properly. Did we activate them at the wrong time? Well, as Beetee says, there’s always a flaw in the system!


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