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Villains With The Best Laughs

One of the most iconic things I love about a villain is their laughter. It’s what makes them intimidating whether they’re a serious villain or a quirky one.

If a villain has a great evil laugh that makes me want to laugh with them, they become my favourite.

So, you know what this post is about, I’m going to share my favourite villains who have great evil laughs.


All hail Lord Megatron! Now he definitely has one of the best villainous laughs I’ve ever heard, not just in the G1 series but Prime and even the War for Cybertron game, despite a different actor doing his voice.

If I ever met Frank Welker, I would tell him my favourite thing about Megatron is his laugh. He always makes me want to laugh with him, even though I’m a proud Autobot supporter.

Maximus I.Q.

I think this one is a forgotten gem. I used to love watching Atomic Betty before and after school. Maximus was Betty’s worst enemy and I’m not surprised that he’s a cat since Betty’s not really into cats.

Maximus has a temper but his laughter is spot on, voiced by Colin Fox, a Canadian actor who is definitely underrated. He’s a childhood villain I’ll never forget the laugh of, even if I love cats.

Makuta Teridax

Okay, Makuta laughs only a couple of times in Legends of Metru Nui, but damn he does a good job. I still haven’t found out who does the voice, but if I could summarize my childhood with one character, it would be Makuta. He is the oldest action figure on my shelf and I took him in when my brother was about to give away the rest of his Bionicle figures.

Makuta’s voice and laugh are forever in my memory. If only we got a TV series so we could get more development of his character.

Professor Ratigan

Oh yeah, I definitely have to add Ratigan into this article! He is voiced by the late legendary Vincent Price who did a perfect job as the character, his evil cackle was unforgettable. In an interview, Vincent revealed that Ratigan was one of his favourite roles. I still can’t believe he passed away the same year that I was born.

He seems like quite the humorous villain at the beginning of the movie, but towards the end, he is shown to become a vicious monster.


Nobody will know this one except me and I haven’t watched the anime in a long time. I used to watch it over and over in the past so I’m sure Naga’s voice and laugh is forever etched in my brain.

He sounds menacing when he laughs and in my own story where he battles my Dragon Master OC instead of the Brawlers, he laughs a lot more.


Bowser definitely has the laughter of a king, sometimes he laughs so much like he’s proud of it. He laughs when he’s victorious or even close to victory and that’s what I like about him a lot. He doesn’t wait for the “right” moment to laugh, he just does it like “Bwahahahahaha!!!”

Dr. Drakken

Drakken really knows how to laugh, even though he can be really dumb at times and his sidekick Shego acts smarter and more evil than him.

I can’t believe he’s voiced by John DiMaggio, that would explain the humor Drakken possesses too. Nobody ever took any of his evil schemes seriously and the only time one of them actually did a lot of damage was when he took over Bueno Nacho with those toys that turned into robots!

Emperor Zurg

Who doesn’t love a mechanical laugh by this classic? Maybe you’ve seen him in Toy Story 2 or the 2D animated film that Buzz gets. But his most iconic appearance is in the former. Even though he appears to be a threat to all of Star Command, it seems he’s mainly interested in destroying Buzz the most.

Not only is it robotic, but also it’s also scary too. After the movies, there is also an animated series that follows, but I never watched a lot of it. I wish I did though, I would love to hear and see more of Zurg in action.


I was literally on the brink of publishing this when I totally forgot about Ripto! This shorty was one of my childhood favourites! He may be small but he still means business, his voice and laughter is just evil sounding enough that you shouldn’t underestimate him because of his size.

Just give him a scepter and he’ll laugh while planning to annihilate whoever stands in his way.

Mojo Jojo

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will recognize who this is! The first nemesis of the Powerpuff girls who originally was Professor Utonium’s lab monkey until he got his own dose of the Chemical X. It’s his own fault the girls were created, along with his massive growth in intelligence, because he did, after all, push the professor into the substance that fell into the mix.

A genius with a brain too big to fit inside his head due to the effects of Chemical X, Mojo comes up with some big evil schemes and has an iconic evil laugh to top it all.

General Grievous

Yep, this article is incomplete without him. Grievous is a classic and sometimes he laughs a lot. Who knew he could be so cheerful and evil?

He loves it when things go his way, so he has to laugh about it. He’s not afraid to overdo it which I’m happy he does. The moment I first heard him laugh in the movie, I knew I was going to like him already. He just won over the then 12-year old me and still does today.

Those are my favorite villains that have great laughs. Yeah, I know they’re all male, but maybe I just prefer the evil laughter of those the most since they are the ones I either grew up with, or got stuck in my mind the most. What are yours?


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  1. Ohh, what a fab idea for a topic. Off the top of my head two obvious picks, Jabba’s ‘ho ho ho’ laugh from Return of the Jedi and Wesker from Resident Evil 5. They’re my tyrannical merriment moments.

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