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Blue Times of Anxiety and Seeing Guardians – Music of April 2020

Another month gone. It feels like it went by so slowly because I go to work, go home, help make dinner, and then play games before I go to bed.

So what did I pick this month?

Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky

This was playing on the radio one morning and I started to think of Baby Groot dancing to it while the other guardians fight that monster in the background.

Call me a lady with no taste, but I think he is way cuter than Baby Yoda. This song was also involved in a mime skit I did in drama class one about repetitive office work. It’s long but catchy.

VG Lucas – Time’s Running Out

Another sad dramatic song of this month from Station 19 I’m watching, this one didn’t make me cry as much as the other, but this was when Andy’s dad sacrificed himself to save his fellow firefighters who were suffocating in smoke.

I feel like he went out the way he wanted to, instead of letting cancer slowly kill him. But now Andy’s lost just about everyone she grew up close to and now her dad Pruitt is gone. Rest in peace Pruitt, you died a hero.

Lena Raine – Anxiety

I went back to Celeste for a short while and now it’s an indie game I always return to. This track is so relatable. It expresses the anxiety we’re all feeling right now.

Even if there is no pandemic, I find this score to be the soundtrack of my anxiety. I don’t get panic attacks, but when I do get really anxious, I find myself suffering from crying spells that can be challenging to control and I hear this play in my mind.

Just like Madeline, what can calm me down is to take deep breaths and even picture the floating feather, there’s no reflection of myself that can stop it.

Leona Lewis – I See You

This beautiful song might as well be the modern version of My Heart Will Go On. When I first saw Avatar in theaters, I loved every unique moment of it, and this song started to play as I was leaving, I immediately turned around to listen and became enchanted.

When I couldn’t download it on iTunes right away, I was so upset until I bought the album. I’m now listening to it again after having a dream a few nights ago related to Avatar, I was in some city surrounded by water, searching for some secret passage in the remaining wilderness that would lead me to Pandora.

As I searched, I started to fly and sing this song, and I swear I must have sounded just like Leona when I sang it and rose up almost above the clouds during the final chorus. Eventually I found a passage that led me to Pandora, but the dream didn’t last after that. At least I was reminded how much I love this song.

Jesper Kyd – Vs. The Guardian

Hahaha yep because I am Darksiders-crazy right now! This track plays during a part of the second game where you fight the Guardian, which I think is now one of the most epic boss fights of the game that I have experienced since the Stygian and Straga from the first game.

Death, with the help of a Maker named Karn, revive a massive Guardian to clear the Corruption to the Tree of Life, but the Guardian gets corrupt itself and Death is forced to fight it. Eideard sacrifices himself to revive it afterwards pure to finish the job.

I initially struggled with this fight, trying to avoid the Guardian’s massive hammer and afterward when I had to get at the second heart which my Deathgrip couldn’t reach; I didn’t realize there was a part I had to climb. But, I couldn’t bring myself to get frustrated and rage quit because of the music. Inside, when it played, part of me was like bring it on! Who cares if I trudge at the beginning, the music makes the fight more fun!

I’m so shocked that this was not included in the game’s official soundtrack, what were they thinking?! This track is too amazing to neglect. He’s beyond my help Horseman, do your worst!

I recently defeated Achidna and Basileus the last time I played, that fight didn’t have an awesome score, but it did have an epic background.

And that’s the music for this month, a mixture of something old and something new. I really hope things start to get better soon.


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