Music and Bands

Say, Gimme a Supernova with Templars playing Music – Music of May 2020

Another month, another set of music. This blog is really growing, why didn't I start on this platform at the beginning? No matter, I'm here now right? Let's dive in! Christy Carlson Romano - Say the Word I used to listen to this song on repeat back in my middle school days because back… Continue reading Say, Gimme a Supernova with Templars playing Music – Music of May 2020


The Subtle Knife – Chased Between Worlds

Another book complete. This trilogy is seriously absorbing. First bears and now we've got even more creatures in this multiverse. Things just got a lot more complicated. Now I understand why the HBO series was adding clips of Lord Boreal searching for John Parry, and the events with his son Will is what builds up… Continue reading The Subtle Knife – Chased Between Worlds


Parties with Warriors

It's outrageous these days. I sometimes wish I could go to sleep and not wake up until the world is back to normal. But our bodies are not made to hibernate like chipmunks. Therefore, all I can do is hope I'll have a dream vivid enough to take me out of reality long enough like… Continue reading Parties with Warriors


Downfall – A Twisted Mind

I never thought about reviewing this game. I started to write it and then I changed my mind. But then, I remembered how much I enjoyed the universe this game comes from and its predecessor. I also remembered that if I wanted to review a game, I didn't have to just stick to ones that… Continue reading Downfall – A Twisted Mind


Have You Ever? Gaming Edition

I saw this article written by Michelle a few weeks back and decided to give it a go myself. Don't know if I can answer everything, but as an avid gamer, I'm sure it won't be too hard. Rage quit a game Yeah a few times with Alien Isolation not due to the alien itself,… Continue reading Have You Ever? Gaming Edition


Arrival of the Pale Rider

Well, here he is, just in time for my birthday! (Which is today by the way) I came home yesterday to find two packages piled at my doorstep with my name on them and I was fixated on the big one. I told you my birthday present to myself this year was going to be… Continue reading Arrival of the Pale Rider