Arrival of the Pale Rider

Well, here he is, just in time for my birthday! (Which is today by the way)

I came home yesterday to find two packages piled at my doorstep with my name on them and I was fixated on the big one.

I told you my birthday present to myself this year was going to be none other than Death.

He looks so beautiful! I love the details of the skulls on his stand and his his hair is swept to the side like its blowing in the wind. He’s in a battle stance ready to take on any corrupted construct or the Deposed King (that was the last boss I defeated)

I had a little trouble getting him on his stand when I took him out of his box, but eventually I got it thank goodness.

A better look at the side and his hair. You know what would make him look even better? If he had his scythes crossed behind him like in the game or like in the cutscene when he demands the Crowfather open the portal to the Tree of Life. But, this pose has grown on me, it reminds me of one of the wallpapers I saw that I nearly chose for my desktop!

A closer look at his scythes. They’re very detailed, just like the Chaoseater. I especially like the hilts the most; with the skulls and spikes. Those are things you can only see with figurines like these and not in the game! Very badass.

War’s definitely happy to see his brother! You never know, maybe Fury and Strife will appear too! In the meantime, I’m happy with the way Death has turned out.

Happy birthday to me, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to indulge in some Swiss Chalet and then I’ll go back to helping Death retrieve pieces of that rod on Earth that the Archon needs.


9 thoughts on “Arrival of the Pale Rider”

    1. Thanks, 😃 he is, I just love his hair. And if you play the games you’ll fall in love with his voice ❤


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