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Yeah I Was Into Twilight, Maybe I Still Am

Crazy right? No I was not ever one of those girls who swooned at the sight of Edward or Jacob.

I knew nothing about the series until the first film adaptation came when I was in 10th grade. I didn’t understand why all the girls in my classes were talking about it while I was immersed in my Chaotic cards.

My mom on the other hand, was eager to get me to broaden my horizons. That’s why she was buying me all those cheesy teen magazines, and sure enough eventually they got full of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. I only read them for any singers I listened to. None of the popular male hearthrobs appealed to me, they all looked the same in fact.

I didn’t understand the appeal of vampires at first when it came to mythical creatures. Why did everyone love them, even before Twilight? I was always mesmerized by dragons and creatures of the deep.

With that being said, my mom wanted to watch the first movie. I refused at first, but you could say she twisted my arm so I gave in. The story was interesting, if you tolerated Bella’s 24/7 plain facial expression and tone of voice.

There was even a period where I came to love the saga and read through all the books. But not once did I ever succumb to Edward or Jacob. I continued investing my time in the series because I liked the lore of the vampires and wolves. Thus my change of heart on the former.

Whenever a new movie was released, I would put off seeing it for two weeks to a month so I didn’t have to sit in a crowded theater with screaming girls. Hell, Breaking Dawn Part 1, the theater was nearly empty but there were CHILDREN (and I’m talking little like kindergarten or 1st grade) sitting behind my mom and I and the movie had a sex scene and a brutal birthing scene. I guess some parents just don’t do their research before they watch something like Mr. Lordi said.

When I look back at it, I saw a lot of issues with Edward and Bella’s relationship. First things first, Edward is a stalker. I’d be calling the police if I were Bella. Also he seems to get jealous whenever she spends time with Jacob, even when the latter gives her a present at her graduation party. That is very unhealthy. Finally, he can be controlling at times, I’d be pretty mad if someone tried to prevent me from seeing a friend or lied to me, even if it was meant to protect me.

If you love Twilight to the bone, fine, but would you want a relationship with a real-life Edward? But then again, I shouldn’t throw all the fire at him because Jacob is pretty bad too, I mean, he’s got a temper and can be too lecturing. But, if I had to choose, I would have picked Jacob, he’s hotter literally and figuratively, also he’s got way more muscle that suits him. I mean Edward as a vampire gives him super-human strength but when I saw him shirtless for the first time, he had like no muscle at all. What gives?

Why on earth are these vampires glittering in the sun? I thought they were supposed to melt or burn in the sun? Ah whatever, you know why I still stick around? (cause I think I’ve done enough bashing in this article) Because I like the rest of the Cullens, especially Rosalie and Alice. The former’s backstory really absorbed me. I wish Rose got her own book and I would love to learn more about Alice too. We got our blank slate protagonist and her love triangle with all these secondary characters with cool backstories and development.

So, despite the cringe-worthy fact that these vampires sparkle in the sun, their lore is interesting, as is the lore of the wolves. No I’m not calling them werewolves because to me: a werewolf will always be someone who involuntarily transforms into a humanoid wolf when the full moon is out. These wolves should be called either shapeshifters or an animagus!

So yeah, I’m still into Twilight, I don’t love it due to its flaws I’ve noted, but it doesn’t make me hate it. There’s parts of the lore I like like the vampire clans, how each of the Cullens became vampires, the wolves, etc. if you can learn to see past the flaws that is. You want a franchise that I do loathe: Then it’s 50 Shades for obvious reasons!


7 thoughts on “Yeah I Was Into Twilight, Maybe I Still Am”

  1. I wasn’t a fan of Twilight, I really did try to get into it but I had the same issues about Jacob and Edward; but I’m for team Jacob all the way because werewolves and wolves are a thing for me LMAO. I did find the lore for the vampires and wolves very interesting versus the other components though, and I share the same distaste for 50 Shades of Gray … even though it was a fanfiction based off of Twilight LOL

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    1. I also think Jacob is better for Bella because she doesn’t have to become immortal and watch all her friends and family die. Werewolves are great hahaha

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    1. Edward was never my type, but one of the vice principles of my high school was a big Twilight fan, she had a banner in her office and one time I had to talk to her about something and it coincidentally was on the day of New Moon’s release and she was wearing a Team Edward shirt.


  2. Definitely prefer Edward, he did demonstrate some care for Bella, unlike Jacob who was just good for her to have fun with. A lot of the simplistic issue if Edward is a stalker (he is) ignores the fact he actually stays away from her for significant portions early before they enter the relationship which makes Bella so confused about whether he does like her. It’s after their in a relationship that the more stalkery elements emerge. But yeah simplistic interpretations can’t give rise to nuance just in case some of the info contradicts the all or nothing argumentation. Edward travelling away with his family just after he meets Bella, him not attending school for a week, and not seeing her.. no he’s a complete stalker… It’s an interesting act to look more subtly at such gradations, as well as what the author mentioned of them.
    The more by the way is paltry especially in the later installments. I read Anne Rice long before Twilight so I cringed when I read Meyer’s interpretation of Rice’s lore. If you are at all curious about vampires then Rice’s books are close to being at the pinnacle, as well as Kostova’s The Historian.
    I think having read authors like then as well as the original Stoker meant I never got into the Twilight series too much despite reading them. I already knew there where far more nuanced and comprehensive takes on vampires and lust and power and desire and the intersection between them (in some aspects Edward lives up to his vampiric literary forebears). Twilight just doesn’t do it well enough, Edward shouldn’t be all sugar coated into sparkling palatability. It’s ok (in a fictional sense) if he’s controlling and creepy and stalkery, he’s a vampire after all, that’s part of what vampires do, even if he’s a somewhat dumbed down one, pity he wasn’t… more vampiric.

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    1. I see what you mean but Edward was just never my type, even if he didn’t do all those things. Maybe I just find him ugly. 🤣


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