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Say, Gimme a Supernova with Templars playing Music – Music of May 2020

Another month, another set of music. This blog is really growing, why didn’t I start on this platform at the beginning?

No matter, I’m here now right? Let’s dive in!

Christy Carlson Romano – Say the Word

I used to listen to this song on repeat back in my middle school days because back then I would watch a lot of action cartoons featuring female leads. That being due to my enjoyment of the superhero aspect, that I believed girls could fight the forces of evil just as well as boys, and didn’t need the latter to rescue them all the time.

Of course Kim Possible was one of them so whenever I listened to this song, I would picture a compilation of her and other heroines I liked: The Powerpuff Girls, Atomic Betty, Lexi Bunny (Loonatics Unleashed), Sam, Alex, and Clover (Totally Spies!), Gali (Bionicle universe), the Love Angels: Peach, Lily, Daisy, and Salvia (Wedding Peach), Corona (Spider Riders; her role becomes criminally minor later in the anime unfortunately when Hunter eventually does all the fighting for everyone), all the female Autobots, and more along with my two OC’s the Dragon Master and Emi Takori fighting their enemies for justice and world peace.

So yeah, I’ve been pretty much rooting for strong women in entertainment world since I was a kid and now I can see myself adding Fury once I start Darksiders III and maybe some other new adds. But since I recently re-watched some Kim Possible I felt it was time to bring this song back into my life. I actually bought the soundtrack just for it.

Britney Spears – Gimme More

I don’t know why, but I started singing this to myself at work while I was cleaning up my cart. It reminds me of the time how I have been a fan of Britney through it all, even during the rough/crazy patch she went through around the time this album was released.

For some silly reason, on the first day of 6th grade when my classmates introduced themselves, a lot of the girls wanted to bring up the fact that they did not like Britney. I on the other hand still loved her and her music and wasn’t afraid to tell people despite my classmates’ unusual desire to share that they didn’t like her. Maybe I still like her because I chose not to pay attention to celebrity gossip and I still do that, well, most of the time.

For some people, this song they remember hearing in GTA V, for me it’s an artist I grew up with and I don’t know why but it makes me fantasize about a battle against Naga even though the song has nothing to do with it. I refuse to play GTA until they dispose of the misogyny it shows a lot. Nevertheless it’s a catchy song.

Within Temptation – Supernova

This song makes me regret not going to see this band live when they came to one of the neighboring towns a few years back. I bought their new album digitally and this song is so pretty and powerful, especially the Gregorian chant in the bridge.

I feel like it’s about one wanting closure on something that has gone wrong in their life. Like someone broke up with you but you’re not over it and want closure on it before you move on, even if it’s not what you want to hear from your ex.

It seems to have a more pop feel to it than metal but it’s still epic enough for me to love. I picture myself as War in the middle of the apocalypse searching for my siblings while battling demons and angels that attack me. It concludes with me fighting Straga. All of my fictional crushes have at least two songs I dedicate to them, one pop and one metal: this is the other one for War, as the first was by Avril Lavigne.

Hammerfall – Templars of Steel

Once again, attempting to listen to this band more, so gave this album a listen and was turned on to this track’s epic intro and it kept getting better as I continued to listen. This is definitely better than Iced Earth’s Plagues of Babylon.

A lot of Hammerfall’s older stuff is so damn good and this might just be my new powerful theme to listen to while I’m walking! Now I see why they call their fans templars. I guess that means I’m now one too.

Time to start singing it! It sounds like a good show-opener!

Nightwish – Music

Ah the original band that got me into symphonic metal in the first place. They’re back! While I was at work, one of my dear friends dropped a late birthday gift for me and I came home to find Nightwish’s new album inside it. This isn’t one of the singles that was released first, but it won me over with its beautiful melody.

This song describes my life in a way, the times when I just want to lose myself in my own world when it’s appropriate to do so. Reality sucks and the more I hear about all the crap that goes on and I see it in places other than the news, the more I just want to crawl under a rock to keep my stress level low and block it out with an endless symphony of all the things in life that make me happy.

Not saying I stick my head in the sand every time there’s some kind of local, regional, or global crisis. I do keep in the know, but I cope with it a different way than most people do and eventually I need a break from it. So this song is what it feels like when I go to my cave or rock because I’ve had enough talk about riots and outbreaks for one day.

And that’s it for this month, I can’t believe in mid-June it’ll mark six months at my job and it’s finally feeling like my favourite time of the year out there. I’ve got a game to finish, a review to write when it’s done, and a package to open.


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