Too Early to Release the Fury? I Think Not!

This feels like cheating. I haven’t officially met you yet, but the moment I saw you in the trailers: you’re full of honor and loyalty, but sometimes you are aggressive. I knew I’m going to like you already.

I’m almost done Darksiders II, which would have been sooner had I prioritized it a little more after work. Sometimes I binge play big game and then take a week break to catch up on other games or TV shows before returning to it.

Despite not being finished on a time I thought I would, I already have pre-Darksiders III hype scorching through my veins because Fury was the very first of the Horsemen I saw of the franchise. I loved her already how badass she seemed. But I still wanted to start from the beginning so I did that instead of jumping straight to her game (which I could have done easily), and then I fell head over heels for her brother War. Anyway, it’s like my gut told me I was going to like Fury and she was going to be a new favourite heroine of mine.

So I decided to bring her home and here she is!

I love her pose and the way she stands on top of the magma with her whip. She looks so fierce! A force to be reckoned with indeed. In fact her pose is very similar to War’s, while he charges forward, she looks like she’s getting ready to attack head on.

I’m glad her armor is not overly skimpy (I saw a forum complaining about the fact that it isn’t, ugh) I mean, she is sexy but doing that would make her too sexy for my liking. I also love the details on her whip, and when I unboxed her, there was a small issue with it. It came in a separate bag and I had trouble getting her to hold it.

After researching some solutions, I found out that the pommel could be removed so I could slide it into her hand. Which is much easier than another suggestion someone made on YouTube. It’s delicate so I would have to be gentle with her and the others should I have to pack them up in bags in a box if I was moving, and I don’t keep the original boxes of my figures due to lack of current space so yeah.

Did I mention how much I love her hair? That was the first thing I took notice of her appearance? God, if only my hair was like that. What shampoo are you using Fury?

Despite some assembly required, I’m very happy with her, and she’s happy to see her brothers.

Only Strife is missing now. Think he might appear too? Wait and see! To any of my fellow female geek bloggers, if my Darksiders posts have not grabbed your attention due to overpopulation of male characters, maybe seeing Fury will. Oh and I told you about Uriel right?

Anyway, it’s time for me to wrap up the second game and review it soon so Fury and I can officially meet in the third. See you there!


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