Diantha with Darkrai

We all have had our share of League Champion battles that were either too easy or so difficult that we screamed into our pillows every time we failed.

I remember I had so much trouble with Colosseum Leader Dusty in Battle Revolution for some reason. He would always pick the same Pokemon as me and annihilate my team that I actually spent an afternoon crying over the fact that I couldn’t beat him; when I was alone, of course. I beat him eventually, but not without help though.

Then there was the Kalos Region’s Champion Diantha who was very sweet and kind, she had a cool battle theme and elegant backdrop but I found the battle itself to be nothing compared to say against Steven, Cynthia and even Iris.

But I had a dream one night that I was battling her again and she was the exact opposite of what she was. There was no brightly lit room with lace curtains and a stained glass floor. Instead there was this dark dismal room where she stood, but in the same outfit.

My party consisted of Giratina, Empoleon, Unfezant, and three others which I cannot remember.

Instead of the team she originally had, Diantha had all these really powerful Pokemon on her team and to my shock she had Darkrai on her team! I first heard of Darkrai when I used to buy packs of Pokemon cards at the local comic store almost weekly and Darkrai was in one of those packs. I had no idea it was a legendary Pokemon and back in the day, the only way you could get it was through a cheat which my friend helped me with. It was so cool using Darkrai’s moves: Bad Dreams ability combined with Dark Void and Nightmare, just put em to sleep and the battle is yours. Then when Platinum was released, there was a limited time online offer to obtain Darkrai and I could not get my DS to connect to the Internet for some reason and was devastated when I missed it.

Anyway, Diantha was really creaming me with her Darkrai in this dream and I started to get frustrated when not even my Giratina would wake up, but I still hoped the battle would turn around because despite the gloomy background, her battle theme still played in my head, which like I said, is good, if not my #1 fave; that would be Cynthia who in reality, is the one way tougher than Diantha in my opinion. It’s like these two champions had their strength levels swapped in this dream.

Here’s Diantha’s battle theme for the memories.

I need to start writing about my dreams at night, no matter how well I remember them, just to serve as a distraction.

Peace out.


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