Runway Outbreak

That’s the longest time that I’ve fallen asleep and stayed asleep. I was so moody the night before, if you’re a gal, you know what I’m talking about. Then you wake up the next day feeling better.

I’ve been looking at social media less and less and trying to avoid the news as much as possible. I think seeing it infested with all of the usual is what triggers my irritability.

Last night’s dream, well this isn’t all of it. I’m leaving out the part I don’t want to remember. I just know that it consisted of me trying to navigate through an outbreak in a deserted grocery store combined with the Flood and the Necromorphs. Can you imagine? That would be an unstoppable plague! The whole place was infested with goo dripping here; little Flood crawling around here and Necromorph screeches here and there; you never knew where they were hiding.

I was clearing there searching for someone, one of my friends might have been trapped in there.

I didn’t have any weapon but I kept scouring for one, preferably something from Dead Space because as you know, the best way to kill Necromorphs is to cut em apart and it’s also the best way to kill the Flood too so the little ones can’t resurrect the big ones. Oh perhaps an energy sword could do the trick on both too.

Yeah I know, not a good time to talk about that stuff.

Then the other part of the dream was when I was first learning to use my dragon wings. I had trouble taking off, and was trying to find suitable open spaces like runways to practice on.

I had a fascination with planes when I was a kid so whenever I flew in my dreams, I always imagined taking off like one; just running down the path as the wings begin to spread and flap until I can kick my feet off the ground. Sometimes I’d succeed and sometimes I wouldn’t.

But none of the runways were suitable. Some were in these deep trenches that looked man-made from construction. Others were too enclosed with buildings, people watching, trees, and/or were shared by other planes that I would have to wait for a certain time, or a pink light to attempt to fly. There was actually a time where I thought I was standing on one of the runways of the Pearson Airport which is the closest airport to where I live in real life.

I’m actually not scared of flying, whenever the plan picks up speed on the runway for take-off, I love to say: Punch it!

Riding in a hot-air balloon one day is on my bucket list.

That’s just one dream for today, there’s another from a few nights back that I would also like to share.


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